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The Complete Power of a Cigar Lighter

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The Complete Power of a Cigar Lighter

  It has often been quoted that a wooden match is the best way to light a cigar. Probably this was true in the good old days, but with so many stylish and fashionable cigar lighters flooding the market, sticking to past fashions can be well, unfashionable. And with so many choices available, it could be difficult to choose. Still, you’ll need to determine which type of lighter might be best for your needs. At BnB Tobacco, we’ve different styles, from triple torch lighters and table top lighters to butane and regular tobacco lighters, along with different brands such as...

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Quick Winterizing Tips For Your Cigars

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Being in the winter season may be no fun for cigar smokers. Even with the normal care of your cigars, you still find that your cigars are unraveling. Also, you may notice a dry hit when you smoke them. But, not to worry, with these tips on how to winterize your cigars, they’ll be in perfect shape all through winter. The trick is only in learning the changes that occur during the winter. Then, adjusting how you handle and store your cigars. What Happens During the Winter? During the winter, what happens is that the relative humidity goes down. This is...

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Can the Time of Day or the Environment Affect Your Cigar?

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Cigar smoking is always fashionable, it never gets outdated. It’s every cigar smoker’s wish to always have their cigars in a great condition and always have a great cigar smoking experience. However, in order to achieve this, cigar smokers should learn of the various factors that affect their cigars and experience. Time of Day One of the factors that affect your cigar and cigar smoking experience is the time of day at which you choose to smoke. Mornings, especially, before are usually best in enhancing your cigar smoking experience. This is because at this time, you have not clouded your...

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Your Cigars Shouldn’t Always Smell Like Ammonia

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Smoking a cigar should be an enjoyable event, but what if you run across a cigar or two that can taste and smell like ammonia? No worries, there are ways that you can combat those ammonia smelling “friends” without having to get rid of them. If you’re a cigar smoker, there are certain things you should particularly pay attention to. Being aware of the quality of a cigar is most important. A favorable cigar worth smoking undergoes a special procedure. It depends on the tobacco used all the way to the wrap that’s used to make the cigar. It’ll have...

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The Art of Lighting a Woman’s Cigar

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There were days not so long ago when smoking was a sort of social introduction. Those were the days when a man could smoothly light a cigar for a woman and it was an opportunity to briefly converse and interact with her in a social setting. This single action was the sophisticated answer to the awkward obstacle of breaking the ice. With the number of women who smoke tobacco dwindling and the cultural switch to electronic alternatives, it is important to know exactly how to give a woman a light without having to hesitate or fumble if you are ever...

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