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The Approach to Smoking Torpedo-Shaped Cigars

Torpedo cigars are intended to deliver concentrated flavor. While cigars come in many shapes and sizes, it is important to remember that no one is superior. They all have different offerings. Different shapes and sizes, they all offer something a little unique. I tend to like my cigars thicker so I can work on it for a long time.

I know you are staring at your beautiful torpedo cigar thinking: “What? Where? How do I start?” Try to decide how you would like to cut your cigar. Here are a few options:

The Straight Edge

Wet the tip of the cigar with your mouth to prevent cracking. Using whatever you like for a straight cut. Take a quarter of an inch from the point of the torpedo. While it’s still unlit pull some air through it to determine if you are happy with the draw. This means you can pull enough through the cigar without working too hard for it. If you want a bigger draw cut another eighth to quarter inch off. Remember if you cut too far you will have defeated the purpose of the torpedo by cutting it off or you might end up with an unraveling cigar.

Angled Cut

Wet the tip to prevent cracking. Pick up your double blade cutter or cigar scissors. Hold the cigar torpedo end towards you. Angle your cutting device away from you or down the cigar at a 45-degree angle and cut the tip. You really don’t have room for adjustment here.


Some people have some fancy cutters that cut the perfect notch into your cigars others are more artisanal and use a knife to cut a notch. Of course, wet the tip, choose your device and cut that sweet V into the tornado.

An Odd Alternative

While I believe this is not condoned by many die hard cigar smokers I’ve seen on occasion one punch quarter inch from the point on the top of the cigar. Leaving a small crater on the tornado. Experiment at your own risk. While each option is just offering something, different this is a little odd. When you execute this method be sure to do it with the utmost confidence to ward off any questions the more traditional might have.

Finally, light the opposite end of the cigar using whatever you like. Remember warm the edges first and then light the middle. Blow for even heat distribution and enjoy!

Congratulations on taking another step into the realm of cigar smoking. We hope you stay for a while.


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