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Pairing Brandy or Cognac With The Perfect Cigar

Many people feel that brandy or cognac and cigars are a match made in heaven. It is believed that pairing a good cigar with the right brandy or cognac will allow you to enhance your enjoyment of both products. The tastes, subtle flavors, and aromas can be intensified by the right combination. Here are some tips for finding the right brandy and cigar combination and why they go so well together.

Brandy Drinker or Cigar Smoker?

A consumer who loves brandy and cognac will believe that this is the most important part of the equation. Those who are in love with a good cigar will think that this is the most important part of this combination. Each person has a subjective view on this. Experimentation of different pairs is the most enjoyable part.

Qualities of Aroma and Taste

When you try a good brandy or select an excellent cigar, the aroma and taste are the deciding factors in the quality of the experience. When looking for a cognac to enjoy with a mild cigar, your choice will differ from one that would go well with a full-bodied one. There is no single answer to the best pair.

Aged Cognac

One of the most important factors to choosing a cognac is the age of the alcoholic beverage. Most believe that the older the cognac is, the better it will be. Same with Brandy. This is something that is crucial to pairing a good cognac and cigar.

General Guidelines For Drink and Smoke Combinations

The best combination of drink and smoke will help to compliment each other. There is no right or wrong choice, but most individuals believe that the age of the drink is the most important thing to consider. You then must determine the type of cigar that would go well with the flavor of the brandy. Your palate will be the deciding factor when trying to find the best combination that is right for you. Matching the alcoholic beverages body with the body of the cigar will go a long way to helping you find the best combination for you.

Qualities of Taste and Smell

A lighter cigar should be paired with a well-balanced, lighter cognac with a nutty flavor. For a medium cigar, you should try a brandy that has a more spicy flavor. For a full-bodied cigar, you should find a drink that has an earthy, leathery quality. These guidelines should put you well on your way to finding the best combination for your palette. The way you prepare your alcoholic beverage will affect your experience as well. Try drinking it straight, with ice, with water, or with a mixer. All of these different ways to prepare your drink will affect your experience and can change which cigar is the best accompaniment.

A good brandy, cognac or good cigar is not meant to be rushed. Make sure that you allow some time for yourself to enjoy this luxury. Pairing one of your favorite brandy or cognac drinks with the right cigar can allow you to enjoy every nuance of flavor from both thoroughly. Your taste preference is the final deciding factor when it comes to pairing these two delicacies. Test out various drinks and cigars to find the combination that you enjoy the most.

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