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Travel Cigar Humidor Makes Summer Traveling Even More Enjoyable!

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Whether you are traveling these summer months for business or pleasure, adding a travel cigar humidor to your packing list is a smart move to protect the cigars you take along to enjoy during your trip.
As with a regular cigar humidor, the travel version keeps cigars fresh and helps them to last longer. The difference is that while traveling, there is a good chance that there will be environmental factors that can have a negative effect on the quality and taste of your cigars once you arrive at your destination. Taking along a travel cigar humidor is a smart way to ensure your cigars will be protected from hot or cold, humid or dry environmental factors and everything in between.

There are two types of travel cigar humidors to choose from. The first type is a smaller version of a wooden-box humidor and has a 15-25 cigar capacity. The second type is described as “high tech” and is made out of plastic or aluminum and has a 1-15 cigar capacity. This type typically is waterproof and virtually indestructible. At BnB Tobacco, we have a large variety of travel cigar humidors to choose from.

For business travelers especially, a leather or leatherette travel cigar humidor works nicely. It fits easily into luggage or a brief case and the lid is secured with a zipper or sturdy latch. For a special touch, you can have it personalized when ordering. This type of travel humidor has a sturdy construction and is usually lined with cedar. They often have a lip that creates a good seal so that the cigars cannot fall out at any time. For travelers wondering if they can bring their travel humidor in their carry-on luggage when flying—the answer is yes. TSA rules permit humidors on board and many airline carriers also allow one or two cigar cutters and even one lighter and a pack of matches but check ahead to confirm.

If you are short on time and want a quick solution to protect your cigars while traveling, you can make your own travel cigar humidor with a simple plastic container. Make sure it is the size you need for your cigars and has a tight fitting lid. Add a foam cigar tray (s) to hold your cigars and put a Boveda humidity packet on the side of the container. Lastly, add a thin slice of cedar to the bottom of it (they typically come in cigar boxes). discover card site down . You can find foam cigar trays and humidity packets at any online cigar retailer. Happy traveling from BnB Tobacco!

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