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A Brief History of Joya De Nicaragua

Joya De Nicaragua Box

Joya de Nicaragua is a renowned cigar brand, known for being the very first premium handmade cigar manufacturer in Nicaragua.  Founded in 1968, the company has a rich history and has played a significant role in shaping the cigar industry, especially in Nicaragua. Over the years, Joya de Nicaragua has gained a strong reputation for producing high-quality cigars with distinctive flavors and aromas, appealing to cigar aficionados worldwide. Their cigars are often noted for their rich, full-bodied taste and excellent craftsmanship.

The Early Days of Joya De Nicaragua

Joya de Nicaragua is renowned as one of the oldest and most respected cigar manufacturers in Nicaragua.  Its history is deeply intertwined with the culture and politics of Nicaragua, making it more than just a cigar brand but a symbol of resilience and pride.

The company was established in 1968 by two Cuban expatriates, Juan Francisco Bermejo and Simón Camacho, in Estelí, Nicaragua.  At that time, Nicaragua was seeing a growing interest in tobacco cultivation due to its rich, volcanic soil, which is ideal for growing tobacco plants.  The founders recognized the potential of Nicaraguan tobacco to produce cigars that could rival the best Cuban cigars.

In the early days, Joya de Nicaragua quickly gained fame for the quality and flavor of its cigars.  The brand's profile was boosted significantly when the dictator of Nicaragua, Anastasio Somoza Debayle, became a fan and began giving them as diplomatic gifts.  This led to Joya de Nicaragua's introduction to the international market, where it was well received, particularly in the United States.

The 1970s were a tumultuous time for Nicaragua, with civil unrest and the eventual overthrow of the Somoza regime by the Sandinista National Liberation Front in 1979.  These events had a profound impact on all industries in Nicaragua, including the cigar industry.  During this period, Joya de Nicaragua faced significant challenges.  The company's facilities were bombed, and its American market was lost when the US imposed an embargo on Nicaraguan products in the 1980s.

Despite these setbacks, Joya de Nicaragua persevered.  The brand was nationalized under the Sandinista government and continued to produce cigars, although with different branding and under different management.  It wasn't until the 1990s, after the Sandinista era, that the company began to return to its former glory.  The end of the embargo and the privatization of the company set the stage for a resurgence.

In the late 1990s, Dr. Alejandro Martínez Cuenca, an economist and former Nicaraguan ambassador to the UK, acquired the company.  Under his leadership, Joya de Nicaragua has focused on quality and innovation while honoring the brand's rich heritage.  Today, Joya de Nicaragua is celebrated not only for its resilience through difficult times but also for its commitment to excellence, producing some of the finest cigars in the world.

What Types of Joya De Nicaragua Cigars are There?

Joya De Nicaragua offers a range of cigar types, categorized into different collections. Here are some of the main types:

  1. Obras Maestras: This line commemorates their trajectory in the Nicaraguan premium cigar industry and includes:
    • Número Uno
    • Cinco Décadas
    • Cuatro Cinco
    • Cinco de Cinco
  2. Antaño: This collection proudly carries the legacy of the authentic Nicaraguan Puro, featuring:
    • Antaño CT
    • Antaño Gran Reserva
    • Antaño Dark Corojo
    • Antaño
  3. Joya: Developed with a blend of modernity and tradition, this line includes:
    • Joya Cabinetta
    • Joya Red
    • Joya Black
    • Joya Silver
  4. Rosalones: This series is crafted based on consumer feedback, including:
    • Rosalones CT
    • Rosalones Reserva
    • Rosalones
  5. Clásico: This classic line features:
    • Clásico Medio Siglo
    • Clásico Original
    • Clásico Medio Siglo Pata Negra
  6. Flor De Nicaragua: This collection includes:
    • Flor de Nicaragua

Each of these collections offers a unique smoking experience, reflecting the rich heritage and expertise of Joya De Nicaragua in cigar making​.

A Brand That’s Truly Rich in Not Only Flavor, But Also History!

From war to embargo, the passion behind the brand has never diminished.  This passion is reflected in cigars that are handcrafted with the best natural sun grown black tobaccos, primarily from Nicaragua. The fertility of the country’s volcanic soil makes them stand out for their flavorful character, robustness, and fullness of strength.  They’ve mastered Nicaraguan tobacco blends like no one other brand.

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