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A Brief History of Ted’s Cigars

A Brief History of Ted’s Cigars

Ted's Cigars, founded by Ted Jackson, emerged from an era of peak cigar popularity in the mid-1990s. Jackson, originally a marketing specialist, acquired a young cigar brand during this time. The pivotal moment for Ted's Cigars came when Jackson was approached by Bill Samuels, President of Maker’s Mark, to create cigars for their annual Derby party. The endeavor involved experimenting with ways to infuse Maker’s bourbon into custom-banded cigars, leading to a product so well-received it was launched onto the cigar marketplace​.

Humble Beginnings

The inception of Ted's Cigars can be traced back to the mid-1990s during the height of the cigar craze. Ted Jackson, initially a marketing specialist, acquired a young cigar business, capitalizing on the booming interest in cigars. His venture into the cigar world was further solidified through a collaboration with Maker’s Mark, which led to the creation of a bourbon-infused cigar for their annual Derby party. This project's success opened the doors to the market for spirit-infused cigars. Today, Ted’s Cigars boasts a range of infused creations in partnership with renowned spirit companies like Grand Marnier, Samuel Adams, Forty Creek, and Patrón, further cementing its reputation for innovative and quality products​.

The brand's core philosophy centers around bringing people together to enjoy moments of camaraderie over cigars. Ted Jackson's dedication to quality is evident in the meticulous production process, including regular visits to the Victor Sinclair factory in the Dominican Republic to oversee the creation of his cigars personally. This commitment ensures that Ted’s Cigars maintain high production standards, contributing to the brand’s success and recognition within the cigar community. Over the years, Ted's Cigars has not only been recognized for its bourbon cigar, commissioned by Maker’s Mark for the Kentucky Derby in 1997, but has also specialized in commemorative cigars.

Product Innovations

Ted's Cigars is particularly renowned for its innovative approach to cigar preservation and flavoring. They developed a unique airtight 'mini-humidor' system, allowing each cigar to remain fresh until opened, by sealing it within an individual glass tube. This method, apart from preserving the cigar's freshness, also became central to their spirit-infused cigar line. Unlike most flavored cigars that are sprayed or injected with flavoring agents, Ted’s Cigars are sealed with spirits, allowing the flavors to infuse aromatically. This technique maintains the integrity of the cigar's natural flavors while adding a unique dimension through the infusion process​.

Where They’re at Today

Ted's approach to the cigar business reflects a blend of tradition and innovation. While they maintain high standards in cigar production and ensure top-quality through regular oversight, their packaging and marketing strategies have evolved to cater to both serious and casual smokers. The glass tube packaging not only ensures freshness but also eliminates the need for a humidor, appealing to a broader range of cigar enthusiasts. Their product lineup showcases a commitment to quality and innovation, making premium cigars accessible and enjoyable for a diverse audience​.

Types of Stogies Ted’s Cigars Produces

Ted's Cigars offers a diverse range of cigars, primarily known for their premium non-seasoned and infused cigars that cater to various tastes and preferences. Their lineup includes:

  • Premium Non-Seasoned Cigars: This category features several types, such as Ted's Connecticut, Ted's Maduro, Ted's Farris, The Presidential Cigar, and the Official Kentucky Derby Cigar, along with It's A Boy/It's A Girl cigars for special occasions​.
  • Infused Cigars: Ted's Cigars is well-regarded for their infused creations, collaborating with renowned spirit companies. They distribute a variety of cigars infused with the flavors of popular spirits like Grand Marnier, Samuel Adams, Forty Creek, and Patrón. This unique approach to cigar making allows the cigars to be aromatically infused with flavor, offering a distinct smoking experience without directly applying the spirit to the cigar​.
  • Specialty and Commemorative Cigars: Again, they're also known for their Bourbon Cigar, which is especially famous and was initially commissioned by Maker’s Mark for the Kentucky Derby in 1997. Additionally, they produce commemorative cigars for events and public figures, having released cigars for Duck Dynasty, the Kentucky Derby, and every president since George W. Bush.
  • Cigarillos and Sampler Packs: For those who prefer smaller sizes or wish to sample a variety of flavors, Ted's Cigars also offers cigarillos and sampler packs, allowing enthusiasts to explore different tastes and blends​.

Ted’s Cigars is a Company You Can Trust!

Ted's Cigars represents a blend of tradition and innovation, with its spirit-infused cigars and unique packaging solutions offering both freshness and convenience. This approach appeals to both avid cigar enthusiasts and casual smokers alike, ensuring a premium experience that's accessible to a wide audience.

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