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A Brief History of Optimo Cigars

A Brief History of Optimo Cigars

Heritage, hustle, culture, and creativity all rolled up into a natural leaf cigar. Who would’ve thought a machine-made cigar would offer such a thing. Well, with Optimo Cigars, you’re in for something special. Optimo’s love for culture and hustle is what has shaped them into an amazing company that cigar smokers can appreciate.

Humble Beginnings

Optimo Cigars is a well-established brand in the tobacco industry, known for its premium, machine-made cigars. The brand is particularly noted for its distinctive flavor profiles and has been a staple among cigar enthusiasts for over a century. Originally, Optimo Cigars started in the Vuelta Abajo region of Pinar del Rio Province in Cuba in 1865, which is famous for its high-quality tobacco production. The founder, Miguel Garcia, began by crafting hand-rolled cigars using locally grown wrapper leaves, which helped build the brand’s reputation for quality and rich flavors​. They then relocated to Jacksonville, Florida in 1898, where the brand continued to thrive.

Where They’re at Today

Today, Optimo is part of Swisher Sweets, a larger tobacco company, and continues to offer a wide range of flavored and natural cigars that cater to various tastes. The cigars are appreciated for their consistent quality and are available in several options, including cigarillos and natural leaf wraps​.

Types of Machine-Made Cigars that Optimo Cigars Has

Optimo Cigars offers a variety of machine-made cigars, including:

  • Natural Leaf Cigars: Made with a natural tobacco leaf wrapper for an authentic smoking experience.
  • Flavored Cigars: These come in different flavors like peach, grape, mango, and more.
  • Classic Cigars: Offering traditional cigar blends for a straightforward cigar experience.

These machine-made cigars are popular for their affordability and consistency.

Optimo Cigars offers a diverse range of machine-made cigarillos known for their rich taste and affordable pricing. Some popular types include:

  1. Optimo Blue Cigarillos - Known for their rich, satisfying taste and mellow aroma.
  2. Optimo Sweet Cigarillos - These feature a sweet, indulgent flavor.
  3. Optimo Silver Cigarillos - Noted for their aromatic smoke and mellow strength.
  4. Optimo Grape Cigarillos - These have a juicy grape flavor mixed with natural tobacco.
  5. Optimo Cream Cigarillos - Offer a creamy, smooth taste.
  6. Optimo Diamond Cigarillos - Distinct for their rich, smooth smoke.
  7. Optimo Mango Cigarillos - Provide a tropical mango flavor.
  8. Optimo Green Candela Cigarillos - Characterized by a unique green wrapper and smooth taste.

These cigarillos are appreciated for their natural leaf wrappers and 100% natural filler tobaccos, providing a quality smoking experience at a competitive price.

Optimo Cigars is a Company You Can Trust!

Although they are machine made, Optimo cigarillos contain a carefully balanced blend of tobaccos from around the world that reliably supplies a mild, appealing flavor and a pleasurable aroma. These cigarillos are small enough to carry comfortably in your pocket but long lasting enough to really enjoy. They’re the perfect accompaniment for long, meditative walks or a relaxing afternoon at an outdoor café. Optimo cigars are generally marketed towards more mature, experienced smokers who appreciate the nuances of a well-made cigar​.

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