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Best Cigars to Kick Off the New Year at BnB Tobacco

Best Cigars to Kick Off the New Year at BnB Tobacco, News

In order to really get 2022 started off right, you need to prepare for another great year of cigar smoking ahead.  BnB Tobacco has got enough cigars to get you all the way through to the year 2023, with everything from affordable to luxury options, and everything from subtle mild flavor profiles to big, robust tobacco blends.  If you’re looking for some cigars to usher in the new year, here are just some of our many favorites that are excellent for this time of year.

#10: Aging Room M356 Small Batch

To make a new year feel extra special, there’s nothing like a small-batch cigar that has an artisanal touch.  Aging Room’s M356 cigars are produced in small batches for maximum quality control.  A blend of rare Dominican tobaccos, finished off with an aged wrapper, give every puff a luxurious quality, with a warm, spicy and rich flavor profile that you’re certain to savor every moment of.

#9: 10th Anniversary Bourbon

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, this exquisite cigar was created, capturing the celebratory mood of a new year.  Wrapped in a Connecticut Shade wrapper, it offers a hand-blended variety of Dominican and Ecuadorian tobaccos of a refined quality.  It’s then infused with real bourbon before getting dipped into a gorgeous silver wax that acts as the perfect finishing touch.  The bourbon taste really takes the smoke to a whole new level of enjoyment.

#8: Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente

Perfect for morning, day and night, Arturo Fuente’s Chateau Fuente is a crowd pleaser that you’ll enjoy in each of the 4 seasons, with a mild-bodied flavor that’s smooth and woodsy.  Consisting of a generous variety of aged tobaccos, and available in your choice of wrappers, it’s the type of cigar you will want to stock up on to always have on hand throughout the duration of the year.

#7: Baccarat Maduro

The cigars from Baccarat have the special touch of a sweet gum that finishes off each rolling process, which takes you back to the older style of Cuban cigar manufacturing.  This gives each smoke a decadent quality that makes it really stand out.  Boasting a smooth and mild flavor, it’s filled with fine Honduran tobacco and a delicious Mexican binder, with a Maduro filler.  The subtle sweetness that you get out of each puff is certain to lift your spirits during these cold months ahead.

#6: Espada by Montecristo

If you’re looking for a medium-full body, Espada is an exceptional choice.  With a variety of specially aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, it boasts a seductively smooth, complex and rich flavor that will warm you right up on a chilly winter evening.  A Habano filler complements what’s inside beautifully, while the cigar has a controlled level of sweetness that makes it great for any time of day.

#5: Ambrosia Nectar

On a cold winter night, few things hit the spot like an Ambrosia Nectar cigar, with its flavor profile that’s both celebratory and incredibly comforting.  With its distinctive taste of exotic spices and smooth sweetness, it’ll lift your spirits in a jiffy.  With Honduran and Nicaraguan filler, and a gorgeous Connecticut Shade wrapper, it’s a medium-bodied beauty that’s appropriate for any occasion, and really shines amidst the chilly temperatures this time of year.

#4: Camacho American Barrel Aged

If you’re not ready to stop the New Year’s celebrations, you can keep the party going with this stunning offering from Camacho.  The brand’s legendary Coroje leaves shine like never before thanks to a distinctive aging process that involves storing the cigars in American charred bourbon barrels for 5 months, which elevates the flavor profile in ways that are almost indescribable.  The result is a smooth full-bodied delight that has velvety notes of fine bourbon and oak.

#3: Alec Bradley Coyol

For a full-bodied cigar that has an air of prestige, the Alec Bradley Coyol checks all of the boxes.  Made with exclusively grown Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos, and a silky Honduran wrapper, it delivers a warm and spicy flavor that has distinctive notes of nutmeg that act as the perfect goodbye to the holiday season.  Notes of cherry add sweetness that make this the ideal after-dinner treat.  Highly rated for its quality and decadent taste, it’s a must-have for your 2022 cigar-related endeavors.

#2: Drew Estate Nica Rustica

A particularly great value, the Nica Rustica is a phenomenal winter smoke thanks to its dark, rich, spicy and sweet flavor profile that truly captures what it is that we crave the most when the cold weather is upon us.  A variety of high-end Nicaraguan tobaccos from Esteli and Jalapa come together to produce a medium-full-bodied indulgence complete with a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, and as an added bonus, it offers a nice, slow burn so that you can really sit back and savor each draw.

#1: Ashton Estate Sun Grown

An all-around favorite for any time of year, the Ashton Estate Sun Grown is a cigar that should always be in the connoisseur’s collection, since it never fails to hit the spot.  A treat for the entirety of 2022, it’s a commemoration for the brand’s 20 year anniversary, with a decadently creamy, sweet and spicy flavor profile that many swear has strong notes of graham crackers.  It’s a striking blend of luxury Dominican tobaccos encased in a fine sun grown wrapper.

Ger into The New Year in Incredible Cigar Smoking Style with These Exceptional Stogies!

At BnB Tobacco, you can find the perfect stogie for every day of the new year, but if you’re looking to stock up on some fine cigars to get you through this first cold month, then these phenomenal choices are perfect sine each comes from the most celebrated cigar makers in the business.  Check out all of them and many, many more at BnB Tobacco, and we wish you a happy new year.

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