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Can A Cigar Taste Sour?



We all know that cigars that have been exposed to too much humidity can result in an unpleasantly bitter taste. But, what does it mean if your cigar tastes sour? Surely, no cigar manufacturer would choose to add sour notes to a cigar's flavor profile.

In fact, there are a few reasons why your cigar may taste sour. We'll be exploring these reasons as well as some remedies so that you can go back to enjoying that luxurious cigar taste that you crave.

The Sick Period

The most common reason for a sour-tasting stogie has to do with fermentation. Cigar tobacco goes through a fermentation process that involves heat. This process takes place before the cigar is ready to be sold to consumers. A byproduct of this process is the release of ammonia, a gas that's known for its sour aroma. The time during which the cigar is still expelling ammonia is commonly referred to as the "sick period".

If you've received a cigar that smells or tastes sour, it has not completed its fermentation process. This is the fault of the manufacturer. Store the cigar in a cedar-lined box for a week or so. This should speed up the fermentation process so that all of the ammonia dissipates quickly.


It's possible that you are tasting sourness because the palate is fatigued. If you've been smoking many cigars lately, your taste buds may be unable to perceive unique flavor notes. Once the taste buds become confused, they can perceive sour notes that aren't there.

If experiencing palate fatigue, consider switching to a mild cigar for a little while. Even better, take a break from them altogether for a few days. This allows your palate to reset.

Illness, Allergies or Medication

If your sinuses are congested, your taste buds will struggle to taste things properly. Therefore, you may experience a sour taste when you smoke a stogie. Similarly, certain medications can alter the way in which your taste buds perceive a flavor.

A Cigar Should Never Taste Sour

The bottom line is that a cigar should never taste sour. Sour flavor notes don't belong in any fine tobacco. If you're experiencing a sour flavor while you're smoking it, something is wrong. Consider contacting the manufacturer to make sure that you haven't received a cigar that came from a bad batch. Also, try smoking a different one to see if the problem has to do with your taste buds.

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