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What Makes Spanish Cedar So Good to Store Cigars in?

cigar humidor Spanish Cedar

Spanish cedar cigar humidor

If you’ve been enjoying a cigar hobby for a while, you’re probably aware of the fact that few connoisseurs will argue that Spanish cedar is the way to go when it comes to storage.  This material has lined the majority of humidors for decades thanks to its variety of unique properties that take care of your tobacco beautifully.

But what makes Spanish cedar such a superior option?  We’re going to break down the many ways in which this material reigns supreme.  If you’re shopping for a new humidor, take note.

What’s Spanish Cedar?

Spanish cedar, contrary to popular belief, is not actually from Spain at all.  Rather, it’s native to South America.  To make things even more complicated, it’s not technically cedar either.

For centuries, the essential oil of Spanish cedar has been used as a natural insect repellant among native tribes.  And, since the tree is indigenous to humid regions, it knows a thing or two about handling moisture while caring for your precious cigars.

What Makes Spanish Cedar Such a Popular Choice for Cigar Storage?

With today’s humidors using this type of wood, here’s why it has become a better choice:

Keeps Humidity In

Spanish cedar has the unique ability to seal that moisture in so that your humidor maintains the perfect amount of humidity.  Humidors made from other materials tend to slowly seep out moisture, meaning that you have to constantly readjust the environment to accommodate.

Absorbs Excess Moisture

Because of the tree’s link to high-humidity climates, it’s very good at absorbing excess levels of moisture in the environment.  This is good news for your cigars as too much moisture can cause them to develop mold or simply not smoke.  This helps to ensure that the moisture level inside your humidor is consistent.

Doesn’t Decay

While Spanish cedar absorbs excess moisture in the air, it filters this moisture in a unique way that prevents the wood from decaying.  This is very important when it comes to humidors.  If the wood was at risk of decaying from moisture, you’d have to replace your humidor fairly frequently.  But, since this wood is as resilient as it is, there’s a good chance that your Spanish cedar humidor will last for a lifetime.

Keeps Insects Out

As we said earlier, Spanish cedar essential oil is a known insecticide that can keep away moths, mosquitoes and other pesky critters.  Therefore, a Spanish cedar humidor can ward off insects that can damage your cigars.  While you probably don’t have to worry about the wild bugs that run rampant in South American regions, you still might have the occasional moth or mosquito that creeps into your home and finds themselves seduced by the aroma of tobacco.  So, a Spanish cedar humidor will ensure that those pesky bugs stay far, far away from your beautiful cigar collection.

Smells Great While Enhancing the Aroma of Tobacco

Spanish cedar is uniquely aromatic without being overpowering.  It’s widely believed to have the perfect aroma to complement the delicate yet complex aroma of cigar tobacco.  In fact, many find that the natural smell of this wood brings out the most fragrant notes inside your tobacco while helping the notes blend together more harmoniously. 

Made to Properly Protect Your Cigars

If you’re looking for a humidor material that’s most likely to protect and nurture your cigar collection, Spanish cedar is undeniably the way to go.  This resilient, moisture-friendly material has what it takes to keep your cigars in impeccable shape.

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