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Herb and Spice Flavors in Your Cigar

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Sometimes cigar aficionados get caught up and full of themselves when it comes to infused, or flavored cigars. They forget that sometimes it’s OK to smoke something not ultra premium as a one off or a treat every now and again. They also get wrapped up in some of the information and myths that were perpetuated years ago about certain sticks or manufacturers. As early as a few year, flavored cigars (think Dutch Masters or White Owl) were the standard for flavored or infused cigars. But times have changed, and several infused manufacturers are now producing high-quality hand rolled cigars where once all there was were machine made and preservative laden sticks. However, those manufactures mentioned previously don’t make these quality flavored cigars. For these, you’re looking more to Acid (Kuba Kuba), Gurkha, Erin Go Bragh, and CAO.

Many of these and other infused cigars have taste profiles that develop and change throughout the smoke – just like a traditionally considered “fine” cigar would. Indeed, these cigars offer the best of both worlds: they are usually still hand made, but also offer additional flavors and are mild enough to appeal to a wide range of cigar smokers. Many of these cigars are cured in what’s referred to as an “aroma room” where essential oils and botanicals are circulated in the air to be absorbed by the sticks. These cause the cigars to gain some of the flavors other than whatever flavor is actually infused into the stick, and can impart a wonderful herbal and/or spice flavor into the cigar.

Take for example the Acid Kuba Kuba. It is hailed by many as a great smoking cigar, something light and refreshing that is a great smoke at a great price. While some smokers may experience a slight “incense-y” taste smell at the beginning, this smoke quickly evolves into a nice, complex smoke that imparts a sweetness onto the lips from the wrapper.

The herbal or spiced aspect of the cigar tends to lend itself to a wonderfully complex and enjoyable smoke. For example, cigars infused with cinnamon have been reviewed by others as some of their favorite flavored cigars out there, with repeat customers again and again for that particular blend.

The takeaway from this is that you should be open to trying lots of different kinds of cigars. Don’t become a “cigar snob” and look down your nose at a flavored or infused cigar just because everyone else is repeating the same nonsense about them. Find a nice herb and spice infused cigar today and you’ll enjoy smoking them for a long time to come.

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