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Is There a Possibility of Failing a Drug Test Due to Smoking Hemp Flower?

Did you know that hemp flower is becoming more popular than ever before?  So, you can see why then at BnB Tobacco, our customers are very excited about our large selection of hemp flower products that come in all kinds of great strains, as well as flavored and unflavored pre-rolls.  But, understandably, some of our customers are concerned about the risk that smoking hemp flower could lead to a failed drug test result.

Do Drug Tests Look for CBD?

First things first: drug tests are not actually looking for cannabidiol (CBD), the dominant chemical compound in hemp flower that makes up anywhere up to 25% of the entire chemical composition of the plant’s buds.  What drug tests are looking for is evidence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) use, and this is not done by looking for THC itself, but 11-Nor-9-carboxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (11-COOH-THC or THC-COOH).  THC-COOH is an enzyme that the body produces to metabolize THC, so if a person has consumed THC recently, then THC-COOH would be present in the urine.

Is There THC in Hemp Flower?

Hemp flower contains a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC, which is a very trace amount.  This is also the amount that is permitted by law, and it is not enough to cause intoxication.  The amount of THC that is in hemp flower is far, far lower than the amount of THC that’s in marijuana, which is anywhere from 4 to 25%. 

Can the THC in Hemp Flower Cause a Positive Drug Test Result?

Because there’s so little THC in hemp flower, the bottom line is that it’s extremely unlikely that you will fail a drug test because you’re taking it.  0.3% is simply not enough to yield THC-COOH levels that would be detectable in a drug test.  So that being said, you are likely to be just fine.

However, there is always a risk when consuming hemp that you’ll end up with a false positive.  In fact, even certain medications that have nothing to do with cannabis can yield a false positive.  It hasn’t been determined what about hemp can trigger this false positive – whether it’s the THC itself or another compound in the plant – but just keep this in mind if you have an upcoming test scheduled.

If you’re trying to do everything that you can to avoid a positive drug test result, you may want to lay off the flower for a while and stick to a CBD isolate or broad spectrum extract product, as both of these product types contain a hemp extract in which the trace amount of THC has been completely removed from the product.  While we can’t ever say that any product is 100% risk-free when it comes to the potential for false positives, this can reduce the already miniscule chance of failing a test due to CBD usage.

How Can I Know That a Hemp Flower Product Contains No More than 0.3% THC?

While hemp flower sold on the market generally contains 0.3% THC at most, there are anomalies in the growing process that can, in extremely rare cases, yield higher THC levels.  These somewhat higher THC levels could potentially cause the body to produce detectable levels of THC-COOH that could trigger a positive drug test result.

The good news is that there’s an easy way to verify that the amount of THC in a particular hemp flower contains the 0.3% THC max that’s allowed.  Simply look at the third-party lab reports provided by the company, which provide the full analysis of the cannabinoid profile performed by an unbiased third-party laboratory.  Here is where you’ll be able to clearly see the amount of THC that’s in a flower product prior to buying.

Furthermore, you should only every buy hemp flower from a trusted company/manufacturer that is known for being honest with customers.  This is why we recommend the hemp flower sold at BnB Tobacco, where we only carry products from reputable brands in the business.

Does My Chance of Failing a Drug Test Increase the More I Smoke Hemp Flower?

We said that the chance of failing a drug test due to smoking hemp flower is extremely low.  Naturally, the more hemp flower you smoke, the higher that miniscule risk of failing is, as it introduces more hemp into the body that could somehow set off a false positive.  Overall, however, the chances are still too low for this to be a serious concern.

The Bottom Line: Not Likely

Overall, smoking hemp flower that is shown in third-party lab reports to contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC is extremely unlikely to cause a failed drug test.  If you have a test coming up and it makes you feel better to abstain for a while, go ahead.  But, know that your hemp flower hobby is not going to put you at a high risk of sabotaging your employment.

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