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8 Things to Look for When Buying RYO Paper

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Rolling your own can be a gamechanger, whether you’re rolling your own premium tobacco or handpicked hemp flower buds.  And, at BnB Tobacco, we’ve got an excellent selection of rolling papers that make it easier than ever to achieve the perfect roll.  Whether you’re rolling tobacco or herbs, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect roll with our top-shelf variety of high-end paper options.

Still, with such a large selection of papers to choose from, knowing which one is right for you can be difficult.  So, with that said, here are the things to look for to ensure you end up with the very best papers for your needs.

#1: Size and Shape

The first thing to pay attention to is the size and shape of the papers.  There is no single size or shape that’s better than the rest.  The size and shape just determine how much product you can fit into each roll.  Consider how much flower or tobacco you like to smoke during a single session, and choose your size and shape accordingly.  Naturally, the more product you like to smoke at one time, the larger and wider the paper should be. You can find an awesome selection of shapes and sizes at BnB Tobacco.

#2: Flavor or No Flavor

Some papers are flavored, and others are not.  Again, this is all about personal preference.  Flavors that you can find include sweetened papers, as well as ones that taste like fruits, mint and more.  But, if you want to enjoy nothing but the pure, clean taste of your favorite tobacco or flower, an unflavored option is the best choice.  BnB Tobacco carries flavored and unflavored options.

#3: Aroma

Aroma also matters.  The type of paper used will determine the aroma that blends with the smell of the flower or tobacco you’re smoking.  Of course, flavored papers are also going to contribute to the aroma of your smoking session, so keep this in mind if you’re sensitive to smells.

#4: Price

We all have a certain amount of money that we’d like to spend on papers.  And, because rolling our own is a long-term hobby for many, you want to really consider that cost because the price can add up over time.  Explore the different products we have at BnB Tobacco, paying attention to the price, to make sure that you find something that fits within your budget.

#5: Brand

Many people find that they prefer a specific brand, because they produce the best flavor, the most resilient papers or the size that’s most compatible with their needs.  Further, there are, sadly, a good number of rolling paper brands that just make subpar product, because it’s flimsy, loaded with chemicals or burns too quickly.  Fortunately, we don’t carry any of these subpar brands at BnB Tobacco.  If there is a specific brand that you like, you’ll be able to view only the papers produced by that brand through the browse function on our RYO page.

#6: Quantity

Pay attention to how many papers are in each pack, because each brand has their own quantity standard.  You don’t want to splurge on some high-quality papers, only to find that they contain such a small amount that the price was hardly worth it.  In general, high-quality rolling papers can last for years, so don’t worry about buying papers that come with high quantities because they won’t go to waste.

#7: Quality

Obviously, you want to make sure that you’re buying papers that are overall high in quality.  Like we said, at BnB Tobacco, we only carry reputable brands that are known for their excellent quality.  But generally, when shopping for rolling papers, there are a few indicators to pay attention to.  One is the type of paper used.  Natural, untreated papers are ideal since they’re better for the body and just higher-quality in general.  Look for rice paper, wood pulp paper, hemp paper and other natural materials to know you’re getting the best value.

Also, try to read reviews before making a purchase.  This is where you will hear what other people have to say about the quality of a paper product.  If, for instance, a particular brand makes papers that rip easily, that’s a good sign that their quality standards are lacking.

#8: Whether that RYO Paper is Meant for Tobacco or Dry Herbs/Loose Buds

The reality is that there are no real differences between papers made for rolling tobacco and papers made for rolling herbs, in the most general sense.  These papers are made from the same materials, come in the same shapes and sizes, and come in both flavored and unflavored options.  But, the type of product you’re using them for can determine which ones are better suited for your needs.  For example, if you’re using papers to roll tobacco rather than hemp flower, you might prefer a flavored option, whereas if you are a hemp flower fan who enjoys the flavor of a certain strain, a flavored paper would prevent you from getting the full effect of the strain’s flavor profile.

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