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Trays Don't Always Work in Humidors

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Humidor with tray

If you’ve recently purchased a new humidor, you almost definitely took a wide variety of factors into consideration.  For one thing, the humidor has to be made with high-quality materials.  And, there are several materials to choose from.  Additionally, you had to decide how large you wanted it to be in order to fit your cigar collection.

There’s another factor of a humidor that’s often overlooked, and it’s the presence or lack of a tray.  Trays in humidors serve a very specific function, and they can indeed be quite useful.  But, sometimes it’s actually best to not use one at all, as you’ll soon find out.

What Purpose Does a Tray Serve in a Humidor?

Simply put, a humidor tray exists for storage.  Trays sit at the top of the humidor, and they allow you to better organize your cigars, and also allow you to fit more cigars inside of the humidor.  In some cases, that tray helps ensure that air circulation is even throughout the interior of the humidor.

Why Wouldn’t a Tray Work in a Humidor?

Sometimes, it’s better to leave that tray out.  For one thing, if a humidor is on the smaller side, you probably don’t need that tray anyway, and it can take up unnecessary space.  And, the smaller the humidor, the more likely it is that the cigars that are on the tray are getting too much humidity.  In fact, many humidors have their humidifiers located at the top, and if you have a tray that’s too close to the top, those cigars can receive too much humidity, which is, of course, not ideal.

Of course, in some cases, a tray is necessary.  If you’re using a larger humidor, you likely have a lot of cigars that require storage, and so that tray comes in handy.  And, if the humidifier happens to be located on the bottom of the humidor rather than the top, that tray can actually prevent your cigars from receiving too much humidity.

How Can I Tell Whether or Not I Need a Tray in My Humidor?

It’s pretty easy to determine whether or not you need your humidor to have a tray.  First, ask yourself how many cigars you’ll realistically be storing at any given time.  Then, figure out the size of the humidor and determine where the humidifier is located.  Based on the information above, you’ll know whether or not a tray will actually do more harm than good.  But, remember that ultimately, it’s up to you.  There are many humidors on the market today, and you need to find one that best suits your needs.

Use This Guide to Make the Best Determination

Whether or not your humidor requires a tray is based on a few factors, and you must consider all of these factors when deciding whether or not you wish to use one.  Having a tray can be quite beneficial, but under certain conditions, it can actually take away from your cigar experience.

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