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A Brief History of Perdomo Cigars

Perdomo Cigars

Perdomo Cigars

Like most things in life, we tend to take our favorite cigar manufacturers for granted.  We forget that for so many of the men who launched cigar companies that are still renowned to this day, many sacrifices had to be made, and these men experienced much adversity while trying to build their businesses.

Such is the case with Perdomo Cigars.  Today, this brand instantly makes us think of luxurious smokes that are meant to be savored.  But, the history behind the brand is just as complex as the intoxicating flavor profiles that their cigars provide us with today.

How It All Began

Many people believe that Perdomo Cigars started just a couple of decades ago, but the truth is that the company’s roots go much farther back than one would assume.  It all started with Silvio Perdomo, who was born and raised just outside of Havana.  In the 1930s, Silvio was an apprentice for Cuesta y Cia, and that’s where he learned about the cigar industry and developed his love for the craftsmanship behind cigars.

Throughout the 1930s and 40s, Silvio worked his way up the ladder, as did his son Nick, who eventually finding himself employed by the largest tobacco company in Cuba.  But, in 1959, Silvio was arrested due to conflicts of the Cuban Revolution.  It wasn’t until 1974 when he was finally granted permission to immigrate to the United States.

In 1976, after following his father to the United States, Nick moved to Miami.  Nick’s son, Nick Junior, decided that he wanted to follow in the tradition of his family and begin working in the cigar industry.  For years, he served as an air traffic controller, but in the evening, he was hard at work launching a cigar empire from nothing.  After all, Nick Junior had no experience with the cigar industry other than enjoying the cigars that were given to him by his father and grandfather.

The Beginning of Perdomo Cigars as We Know it Now

After years and years of mastering his craft, Nick Junior was prepared to officially launch his business.  In 1992, he launched Nick’s Cigar Co in Miami.  At first, the company was about as threadbare as they come.  He had only enough employees to count on one finger, with one of them being his own wife.  However, he had a good formula.  Central American filler combined with Ecuadorian wrappers created a full-bodied flavor that was quickly becoming a sought-after one in the cigar industry.

It took only five years for Nick’s Cigar Co to require a larger facility, simply because the demand had become too high.  In the first year, the company sold a million cigars, and Nick’s father, Nick Senior, had to step in to help.  Eventually, a second manufacturing facility was constructed in Nicaragua, which helped even out the workflow so that the company could continue to thrive.

It’s safe to say that Perdomo Cigars had a massive influence on the cigar industry of the 90s.  The original Perdomo was one of the first box-pressed cigars of the era, and the trend quickly caught on.

Perdomo Cigars Today

Today, the company operates outside of a massive manufacturing facility in Nicaragua.  In fact, it’s the second largest cigar-making facility in the country.  A couple thousand employees work together to continue the legacy of this legendary brand.

Now You Know Their Roots

The next time you pick up a Perdomo Cigar, know that there’s some amazing history that went into producing that delicious smoke.  The Perdomo family has given us a gift in the form of their exquisite cigars, and in order to provide us with that, they’ve made quite a few sacrifices over the years.

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