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What Innovations Can We Expect This Decade from the Cigar Industry?


If you thought that the last decade of cigar-making was exciting, just wait until you prepare yourself for the next ten years to come.  We couldn’t be more pleased to report that more and more people are enjoying a wide variety of cigars, and the industry is responding by dreaming up new and exciting innovations that will make the act of smoking more pleasurable than ever before.


Today, we’ll be talking about some of the innovations that we expect to see in the cigar industry over the decade that’s ahead.  These predictions are based on growing trends in the cigar market.  If you’re a real cigar enthusiast, we know that you’re just as excited as we are about these positive changes to come.


Innovation #1: A Wider Selection of Cigarillos from Top Brands

One thing we’ve noticed is that cigarillos are back in a big way.  Once considered the less-refined alternative to more robust options, cigarillos are trendier than we can remember, and companies are responding by offering a wide selection.


One thing we anticipate is more high-end brands embracing the trend and releasing their own upscale takes on the cigarillo.  We know that cigarillos are becoming popular among tobacco enthusiasts of all backgrounds, largely because they’re portable, and because as cigarette sales decrease, more and more former smokers are turning to them as a comparable alternative.  So, we believe that the 2020s will be a big decade for cigarillos.


Innovation #2: CBD-Infused Tobacco

If you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that CBD is the buzzword of the decade.  Derived from hemp, CBD is a cannabinoid that’s known for its multitude of fascinating properties, making it one of the most successful markets of recent years.  Industries are finding loads of unique ways to incorporate hemp into their products, so there’s no reason to think that the cigar industry will be any different.  Expect to see respectable cigar companies offering hemp-infused options, and new, trendy brands popping up with their own takes on CBD tobacco blends.


Innovation #3: More Efficient Methods for Quality Control

As cigars continue to grow in sales, the need for quality control becomes stronger and stronger.  Many cigar houses are producing at just below capacity, which means that new implementations must be put into place to ensure consistency from product to product.  What we expect to see over the coming years is more control over quality than ever before, utilizing the very latest technological practices to pull this off.


Innovation #4: A Back-to-Basics Small-Batch Approach

We’re also getting ready for a return to artisanal cigar-making methods, as this seems to be something that many customers desire greatly.  A lot of us like the specialness of small batches, as it makes us feel like we’re getting something that was made with the utmost attention to detail.  Don’t be surprised to see your favorite cigar brands offering limited-edition small-batch varieties, and more companies hitting the market that base their entire production process off of small batches of truly exceptional cigars.


This Cigar Decade Will Be Intriguing

While we may think of the cigar as an incredibly simple product that’s been around for longer than we can remember, the truth is that like any industry, the cigar industry is always evolving, growing and becoming more technologically advanced to suit changing tastes and preferences.  As technology evolves at a more rapid pace than ever before, expect to see many exciting innovations in the years to come that change the way in which we enjoy our tobacco for the better.  And, let us know what your predictions are!

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