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A Brief History of Odyssey Cigars

Odyssey Cigars

Odyssey Cigars


For die hard cigar enthusiasts, knowing the history behind a famous cigar line can be just as exciting as smoking the cigar itself.  And, anyone who reads up on cigar history knows that it can be as colorful as the flavor profiles that we savor when we light up a smoke.  Today, we’ll be talking about the history behind the legendary Odyssey Cigars, which, as most of us know, come from famed manufacturer Macanudo.


For those who don’t know, the word “macanudo” is Argentine slang for excellent.  And, most fans of Macanudo cigars believe that the house lives up to such a title.  Macanudo started as a descriptive term for a size of cigar produced by the makers of Cuban Punch cigars.  This variation of cigar quickly took on a life of its own, becoming famous for more than just its size.  Then, in 1969, the name was taken over by the General Cigar Company, which acquired the Kingston manufacturing facility in which Macanudo cigars were made.


Alfons Mayer decided to give the Macanudo cigar an overhaul, using his expert knowledge of tobacco blends and wrappers to turn the cigar into something even more luxurious and satisfying than its namesake predecessor.  Quickly, his new, reimagined Macanudo cigar became one of the most celebrated in the industry, with many calling Mayer a tobacco genius.


Then, just two years later, someone else took over the name, and this time it was Ramon Cifuentes, another highly celebrated cigar guru.  He turned Macanudo into a line of cigars with several varieties, appealing to a wide range of tastes.


Macanudo is now run by General, a legendary parent company that produces a host of spectacular lines of tasty cigars.  Acquiring Macanudo helped launch General into cigar stardom, which allowed them to develop the means to craft a broader range of cigars than ever before.  Odyssey is just one of their names, but it’s easily one of the most popular. The Odyssey cigar utilizes aged tobaccos that are hand-rolled in Nicaragua, a country renowned for their handcrafted cigars that are superior in quality to many others that are on the market.  Odyssey cigars are known for being luxurious in flavor despite the affordable price tag.  


Odyssey cigars remain highly popular for their delicious taste, smooth pulls and fair price tag.  Now that you know more about Odyssey cigars, you can appreciate the fascinating trajectory that began decades ago.

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