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Why Do Cigars and Martinis Go So Well Together?


Cigar next to a martini

It seems like throughout history, few things have gone together quite like a cigar and a martini.  Close your eyes and picture this combination, and we’re certain that a few familiar faces will pop up in your mind.  Perhaps you’ll see Winston Churchill in his tails and top hat kicking back this beverage with a cigar in hand, or you’ll see James Bond sitting at the edge of a bar with a martini in one hand and a lit cigar in the other.

So, what is it about this combination that’s so irresistible and timeless?  We’ve got some ideas.

Cigars and Martinis: The Ultimate Status Symbol

Cigars and martinis are each signs of status; of wealth, success and a life well-lived.  So, putting them together can only enhance the image of success.  When you have a cigar in your hand, you instantly appear wealthier.  That’s just a fact.  Add a martini into the mix and you look like a gentleman who appreciates and has the ability to indulge in the finer things in life.

A Refined Combination That’s Indulgent Yet Understated

There’s something about a cigar and a martini that’s refined without being overtly luxurious and over-the-top.  They both have a very masculine quality to them which informs everyone that you’re unfussy, and you don’t need all of the bells and whistles in order to boost your self-image.  Additionally, this combination springs to mind classic images of our favorite male public personalities.  Trends come and go, but this timeless combination always looks and feels good.

A Uniquely Attractive Combo

If you’re trying to add to your attractiveness, watch what happens when a man in the bar lights up a cigar while he’s indulging in a martini.  Instantly, he becomes the most envied and desired man in the room.  That’s because he’s giving off an air of confidence, of being well-cultured, of having status and of being extremely masculine.  We strongly suggest that you try out this combination the next time you find yourself at an upscale event.

The Flavors Go Together Beautifully

Enjoying a cigar with your martini is obviously about a whole lot more than appearing a certain way or enjoying the finer things in life.  The bottom line is that these two things go very well together in terms of flavor.  Many people who smoke find that they crave a cigarette after having a drink.  Well, a martini paired with a cigar is the more refined version of that.

Think about it – a martini has uniquely dry yet smooth taste.  After a few sips, your palate is crying out for the bold, robust and rich taste of tobacco to balance out the flavor of the beverage.  That’s where a cigar comes in.  Between those smooth sips of liquor and those velvety draws from fine tobacco, your palate will be in absolute heaven.  This is a combination that you really must savor.

Shaken But Smoked

Cigars and martinis are a match made in heaven for any man who likes to enjoy his status and appear refined at the same time.  So, the next time you’re at an event, we suggest lighting one up and grabbing a martini.  We’re certain that that little slice of luxury will enhance your life, if only for just a few minutes.

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