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AVO Cigars: Classic Taste for a Discerning Palate

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AVO CigarsIf you are looking for a cigar that is a cut above the rest, look no further than AVO cigars. These premium cigars were created by Hendrik Kelner, Zino Davidoff, and Avo Uvezian. Mr. Uvezian is best known for writing a song made famous by Frank Sinatra, “Strangers in the Night”. The cigars were originally created for Mr. Uvezian to keep near his piano. Traditionally they are a medley of five different Dominican tobaccos. Those tobaccos are grown in the Cibao Valley and rolled in silken blonde Connecticut wrappers to create a smoke that is a creamy balance of extraordinary flavors. Such an intense and flavorful aroma tantalizes a cigar aficionado’s palate, much like the original scores written by Mr. Uvezian himself.

Invest in Some of the Most Prestigious Cigars on the Market
Davidoff’s reputable reputation and Kelner’s skills in making cigars helped the AVO cigar become a prestigious smoke that has found its niche in the cigar market. This brand of cigar is one of the most prominent having over two million sold on an annual basis. The process begins by using only the most finest and premium tobacco leaves. The wrapper itself is extremely silky which results in a smooth taste that is known to be velvety, and creates an attractive aroma.

Superior Draw and an Excellent Burn
You can count on the AVO cigar to taste superior whether it is your very first cigar or your hundredth. With a flawless burn, you get an exceptional taste that is rich and long lasting. The undertones are smooth and last to the very last pull. The look and feel of an AVO cigar is simply gorgeous. No matter which angle you study an AVO cigar, you will find no imperfections. They are absolutely identical in weight with no soft spots. If you started smoking the AVO cigar when you were just trying cigars for the first time, you will find they have not lost their excellent flavor over time. Usually cigar smokers have a tendency to to transition when they try new types of cigars, but the AVO cigar tends to be the one cigar they all come back to, no matter how much their tastes of changed. The AVO cigar is a regular among enthusiasts.

A Consistent Cigar with Merit
When you want a smoke that is going to have flavor that lasts throughout the entire burn, then the AVO cigar is the cigar for you. The body is light and mild which means you get a cigar that is not over empowering. Instead you can relax and enjoy every inch of an AVO cigar, clear to the nub.

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