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BnB Tobacco Product Spotlight: Montecristo White No. 2 Belicoso 27ct Box

Are you looking for a luxury cigar at an affordable price? Look no further, my friends. Here at BnB Tobacco, we know customer satisfaction. We offer international shipping, so don’t worry where you’re from. We also proudly offer military shipping for soldiers who need the fine taste of cigars in their life while they’re defending our freedom. Anyone in the world can get their hands on this delight. What’s more satisfying than laying back and lighting a Montecristo White? That’s right, nothing.

With a Connecticut vintage seed wrapper and a medium to full build, any cigar smoker would be proud to have this in their collection. This cigar originates in Cuba, the land of good cigars. It combines the hand-rolled Dominican republic style with a smooth feel and great taste. With its high-quality build and great reputation, you have no excuse for not owning this national treasure. You don’t want to be that guy who passes up on this, that’d be like being a recording company passing on the Beatles in 1962.

You won’t need to go to your favorite coffee shop to taste and smell the espresso with this cigar, which has espresso beans, vanilla and hazelnut, a trifecta of wonderful flavor. Just when you thought that was enough, it contains a creamy note, with spice which makes everything nice. The mild taste would be perfect for any new cigar smoker.

Imagine sharing a cigar with your favorite cigar smoker on their front porch, what would impress them? You opening and lighting up one of those Belicoso shaped masterpieces and filling the air with rich smoke, that’s what would impress them.

After a long hard day at work, comfort yourself with the natural flavor of one of the best premium cigars that will make you happy without draining your bank account. You don’t need to be a cigar collector or aficionado to enjoy this quality product with a taste superior to your average cigar.

With this 27ct box, you won’t have to worry about saving it for a special occasion. Some smoke cigars to celebrate a baby being born, but you will be able to celebrate getting the mail or getting out of bed today. Don’t be the person who goes to smoke cigars with their friends and comes with some gas station wannabe cigar, get yourself a Montecristo White no. 2 and you will be no one’s number two.

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