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Rocky Patel Decade Robusto

Cigar Reviews Rocky Patel

The story of boutique manufacturer Rocky Patel’s rise to glory is perhaps as well known and celebrated as the cigars that brought him there.  During the 90s, hundreds of cigar companies rose and fell.  Rocky Patel was among the manufacturers to get his start during that time, but he wasn’t among those who closed shop at the end of it.  Even though he was competing with huge corporations, Rocky Patel’s determination and his creative cigars drove him to the top of the market against all odds.

“Against All Odds” is what the label inside the Rocky Patel Decade Robusto box reads.  This 5 x 50 cigar, along with the ITC Anniversary cigar, was created to celebrate his first ten years in business.  You can get the Decade in four other sizes:  the Lonsdale, the Toro, the Torpedo, and the Emperor.

The dark maduro wrapper of the Decade is square pressed and packed tightly, but not without some give.  There are no squishy spots and the cap comes off easily.  The draw is just right and the burn is even without being too fast.  The medium gray colored ash sticks well.

The Decade’s flavor is mostly that of dark chocolate interspersed with cherry.  As the first third draws to an end, the flavors get bolder and the tobacco gets more powerful.  There is a slight tang in the center and some chocolate notes.  The smoke gets heavier and smoother approaching the final third and a sweet woody aroma dominates.  During the last third, there are plenty of coffee and chocolate flavors.  There is a last bit of tang at the very end.

This cigar is stronger than the ITC Anniversary cigar.   For $9.00 it proffers a complex melding of intricate flavors and aromas, representative of the unique and flavorful cigars which Rocky Patel is well known for.

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