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Your Cigars Shouldn’t Always Smell Like Ammonia

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Smoking a cigar should be an enjoyable event, but what if you run across a cigar or two that can taste and smell like ammonia? No worries, there are ways that you can combat those ammonia smelling “friends” without having to get rid of them.

If you’re a cigar smoker, there are certain things you should particularly pay attention to. Being aware of the quality of a cigar is most important. A favorable cigar worth smoking undergoes a special procedure. It depends on the tobacco used all the way to the wrap that’s used to make the cigar. It’ll have a taste that reflects the way it’s designed as well as how it’s manufactured. In other words, the quality of your cigar is in the hands of the creator and should be taken very seriously.

“Okay, that’s nice and all” is what you might be saying to yourself, but you may be wondering, “What’s causing my cigar to smell of a foul ammonia scent?”

Well, it’s quite simple. The ammonia odor is actually quite natural in the aging process. Fermentation takes place in the manufacturing unit. If the process isn’t done correctly, the ammonia smell is released from young cigars, but there are ways that you can complete the process yourself. Needless to say, some manufacturers don’t take the time to market a great product. They simply just wanna make a buck.

Now, it’s necessary to invest in not one but two humidors. Humidors are used to keep your cigars moist without actually molding them or causing damage. It’s a wonderful way to help your cigars age gracefully. It’ll possibly take a couple months to get the product good and ready, but it’ll be well worth the wait. In addition, you want to invest in a humidor that’s made with Spanish cedar as it’ll keep your cigars smelling natural. It’s a smart move to keep two humidors because ammonia smelling cigars should be stored separately from the others. You don’t want to contaminate every cigar that you have when there are only a few that’re immature and unbearable to smell or taste.

Some people enjoy the taste and smell of an ammonia tasting cigar. I know, that’s a bit weird. While others want to enjoy the robust taste of a perfectly aged and well put together cigar made from the finest tobacco. The variations of smells are incredible. Your favorite cigar can smell mild like a cigarette, sweet like a sugar cane, strong with a vigorous fragrance like wood, or pungent like ammonia.

Whatever your preference, do take the time to purchase the best product for your dollar. You’ll appreciate the time-saving experience of not having to age your own cigars to keep them from not smelling of ammonia.

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