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The Importance of Third-Party Verification and Source Tracing

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Most will agree that using hemp is a calming experience, but many will argue that shopping for it does not always produce the same type of feeling.  That is because the hemp industry is packed to the brim right now, due to its enormous popularity.  Worth billions of dollars, this market is loaded with all kinds of products from different companies, with each one claiming to offer the most pure, high-quality, and effective CBD out there.

So, how does one know which products are more capable of meeting their needs than others?  Well, the first major key is choosing the right company.  And, doing so requires a bit of research, to know for certain that a company is following the proper practices in order to produce the best-quality, purest products on the market.

Hence, this is where third-party verification, and source tracing come into play.  Both of these practices require transparency on the company’s part, and we will be discussing why these factors matter so much.

Why Transparency Matters from Hemp Company to Client

Maybe you are wondering why hemp companies seemingly have to jump through hoops to prove their validity to customers.  Well, the reason is because of the lack of regulation throughout the industry.  Hemp and CBD products were fully legalized back in 2018, when congress passed the Farm Bill which made hemp and all of its derivatives lawful to produce, sell, purchase, and consume.

The idea was that after hemp was legalized, the FDA would quickly regulate it so that it could be sold within a regulated marketplace.  But that never happened, for reasons unknown.  The FDA has been really taking their time on things, which is why the industry has had no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

See, the problem with a buzzing market is that you will always get companies trying to make a buck off of the trend by producing low-quality options.  That is what we are seeing today in the CBD industry.  There are a lot of very legitimate brands out there that go above and beyond to produce the highest-quality hemp products available.  Then, there are companies that skip critical steps to save money and offer essentially useless CBD onto the marketplace.

So, how do brands prove themselves to be deserving of consumers’ trust?  With transparency, of course.  This means not only describing the entire manufacturing process, but also showing the receipts, so to speak.  Typically, this is done in two ways, which are outlined below.

Third-Party Verification

This has become the standard throughout the industry, and any company that can’t provide it is worthy of your suspicion.

Third-party verification means that a CBD company sends off each batch of hemp extract to a third-party laboratory, which tests and analyzes each batch thoroughly in order to ensure that everything points to superior quality.  They test the purity levels, the chemical composition, the potency, the extraction method used and more, and all of these factors work together to determine how safe and effective the hemp will be.  This is a way for companies to receive unbiased information about their products, which can then be shared with customers in order to develop a sense of trust.

Third-party verification may also be referred to as a lab certificate, lab reports or lab results.  All of these terms mean the same thing, so look carefully for these terms when shopping for CBD.

Source Tracing

The other way in which a CBD company can prove its legitimacy is by providing source tracing.  What this means is that a company offers a breakdown of their process, “from seed to shelf.”

We all know that CBD products begin with hemp.  But, where that hemp comes from can vary tremendously, and some regions are known for maintaining better farming practices than others.  A CBD company should state where their hemp is derived from and should also walk customers through the process of turning the hemp plant material into the product that they are selling.  This means mentioning the extraction method that was used, any purification or winterization processes, and so on.  All of this information put together gives customers a full picture of what they are getting, as each step of the manufacturing process plays a role in the ultimate quality of the product.

So, What Does This Mean to You, a CBD Customer?

It means that when you’re looking for a hemp product to incorporate into your routine, you should be looking for both of these factors.  Nowadays, it is unusual for a company to not provide both of them on their website.  If you must, call the company and ask them for third-party verification as well as source tracing – if they have nothing to hide, they will be more than happy to answer these questions for you.

Truly Another Way to Identify a Quality Product and a Reputable Brand/Manufacturer

If a company wants to sell their products honestly, and in a way that reassures customers that their quality is exceptional, they must be transparent, providing both third-party verification and source tracing.  Now, when a company is unwilling to provide either of these things, it is within every right for a customer to be suspicious.  Bottom line, the next time you shop for cannabidiol, make a point to seek out both of these things.





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