3 Main Differences Between Natural and Maduro Cigar Wrappers

by David Nadel on September 29, 2015

If you’re a cigar lover, then you should be concerned about the wrapper type. A wrapper refers to the material used in wrapping your cigar. The two types are natural and Maduro. Read on to find out the differences between the two wrappers.


The Maduro cigar wrapper is brown in color. However, its color can range from dark brown to midnight black. Natural wrappers are grown under a cheesecloth. This protects the tobacco from the sun. It’s a slow drying process and gives the wrapper a tan color.

Color is an important aspect of a wrapper. It largely depends on the curing method and the leaves used for rolling. The end results also helps with shaping the flavor and taste of your cigar.


A Maduro wrapper has a complex taste. It tastes similar to a dark beer. The fermenting process gives Maduro wrappers its stronger taste and dark color. The flavor for this type of wrapper can range from a chocolate to a peppery taste.  Natural wrappers have a lighter taste. They don’t have the smooth, sweet flavor of a Maduro wrapper. However, natural wrappers may not be as strong as the Maduro wrappers, but they can still deliver a kick.

A cigar’s flavor is determined by the tobacco used to roll it. The tobacco can come from a variety of countries, which affects the flavor. It’s also affected by a variety of factors like aging, climate and soil.


Some people like to smoke certain cigars at different times of the year. It’s no different with these ones. Maduro wrapped cigars are best smoked during the cooler months. They’re suited for slow smoking. On the other hand, natural wrapped cigars are best smoked during the spring and summer months. However, it’s your decision when you choose to smoke them.

You can choose from a variety of wrapper styles. Each style has its unique flavor based on age and country. The difference between these two wrappers depend on your preference.

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