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5 Ways to Avoid Tearing Your Hemp Wraps

High Hemp Wraps

There is nothing like that first puff of flower rolled by hand in a quality hemp wrap.  But, in order to savor that moment, we have to undergo the effort of rolling it to perfection.  Easily, the most common issue that many of us run into is tearing the wrap during the rolling process, which's especially likely to happen among those of us who are less experienced with the art of rolling our own.

Why Your Hemp Wrap May Tear

The reality of any hemp wrap is that its flexibility and durability have their limits.  Even the highest-quality wraps on the market are vulnerable to tearing if they’re not handled properly.  Assuming that you’re working with a quality wrap that’s fresh, the most common reason behind a torn wrap is simply overstuffing it.  It can only stretch to accommodate so much flower before it’s pushed beyond its capabilities, causing it to rip while it struggles to hold all of your dry herb.

Thick Hemp Wraps vs. Thin Hemp Wraps

One thing to point out is that hemp wraps come in various levels of thickness, and each individual has their own preferences when it comes to how thick they’d like their wrap to be.  Overall, there are distinctive advantages and disadvantages to each.

Thick Hemp Wraps

Mainly come with the advantage of offering more flavor to the smoking experience.  A thick wrap allows you to take in more flavor of the wrap itself with each puff.  A thick wrap is also more durable, but the actual process of rolling it tightly can be a challenge.

Thin Hemp Wraps

Will have more minimal impact on flavor and will also be easier to roll due to being more malleable.  However, the thinner the wrap, the more fragile it is and the more likely it is to tear during the rolling process. 

What are Some Best Practices for Preventing a Torn Blunt Wrap?

Once it’s time to roll some flower, it is all about doing so thoughtfully and cautiously in order to avoid tearing the wrap .  Ultimately, it’s all about practice.  Do not be discouraged if you tear some wraps as a beginner, as it requires experience before you can confidently roll a wrap without any tears.

Tip #1: Use a High-Quality Wrap

Even if you can roll your own like a pro, you’re likely to run into issues if you’re working with a hemp wrap that’s low in quality.  A lot of companies nowadays produce hemp wraps made from various materials, with different thickness levels.  But, a wrap that’s way cheaper than the rest may be made from a very subpar material that’s simply lacking in durability, and is therefore more likely to rip.

Tip #2: Do Not Let the Wrap Get Dry

Hemp wraps need to have a certain level of moisture in order to maintain their flexibility.  If they get dry, then they become brittle, which makes it very likely that they’ll rip once you begin rolling.  This applies to any wrap regardless of its material, size of thickness.

Therefore, work only with a fresh wrap.  Don’t overbuy hemp wraps that are just going to sit on a shelf for months at a time, as the older they are, the drier they become unless you’re keeping them under specific moisture conditions with a humidifier.  And, do not leave hemp wraps out of their packaging, as the packaging actually keeps them moist.

Tip #3: Grind Your Flower Properly

Of course, to roll hemp flower in a wrap, we need to grind our flower first.  You can’t roll up whole buds, as this would create an uneven roll and smoke that’s just not going to work.  When grinding your flower, you want to make sure that the grind is consistent, and that the grind is fine enough that it can be rolled evenly.  Otherwise, the wrap may be stretched out in certain areas which increases the likelihood of a tear.

Tip #4: Do Not Overstuff

The most common reason for a torn hemp wrap is overstuffing and is something that just about every beginner finds out for themselves.  Naturally, we want to enjoy a nice amount of flower, so we think that more flower in a wrap is better.  But, a hemp wrap can only stretch so far to fit all of that flower before it begins tearing.  The exact amount you should put in depends on the size of the wrap, but overall, you want a thin line of ground up flower down the center of the wrap. 

Note that while overstuffing can lead to a torn wrap, that doesn’t mean that you should under-stuff.  This will result in so much airflow that the wrap will burn faster than the flower, resulting in what’s basically a wasted smoke. 

The amount of flower to use is, perhaps, the one aspect of rolling your own that requires the most trial and error.  It’s very likely that you’ll get it wrong the first few times, and that’s okay.  You’ll eventually get a sense of exactly how much flower to put in your wrap so that overstuffing finally becomes a thing of the past.

Tip #5: Just Take Your Time

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of simply taking your time rather than rushing through the process.  Roll the flower very slowly, because trying to do it hastily can result in tearing.  Be gentle and cautious, and you’re more likely to end up with a quality wrap that smokes like a dream.

Wasting Hemp Wraps Can Add Up Cost Wise

Rolling your own hemp wraps can be very daunting to a beginner, but at the end of the day, practice makes perfect.  Tears happen, especially when you’re new to the process, but the bottom line is that you’ll eventually become an expert if you just keep practicing.  As long as you have a high-quality hemp wrap, such as the hemp wraps we have at BnB Tobacco, your hard work will pay off.

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