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A Brief History of Tabak Especial Cigars

Tabak Especial Cigars

Many of us are big fans of the Tabak Especial Cigars from Drew Estate, which is known for its rich and complex flavor profile with strong notes of coffee, as well as its luxurious draws that are silky smooth, and almost creamy.  Tabak Especial Cigars have become one of the most sought-after varieties from Drew Estate over the years, which is why we’re eager to share with you how they were developed, starting with the fascinating history of Drew Estate, which has become one of the leading cigar houses in the world within just a couple of decades.

In 1998, brothers Jonathan and Marvin Drew were finishing up their time in a fraternity, and came up with the idea to begin selling cigars.  With loads of ambition, and just a little bit of capital, they managed to set up a cigar kiosk at the World Trade Center, knowing that many business men would pass through daily with an interest in picking up a smoke or two.  The kiosk was successful right off the bat, which speaks of their determination, having dared to enter an industry that’s associated with long-standing legacy houses that have been producing cigars since the early 20th century in Cuba.

As newcomers to the cigar world, it’s safe to say that they felt they had to prove themselves in order to be taken seriously along with all of the long-established Cigar houses around the world.  Jonathan Drew decided to make the difficult decision to leave everything he knew in order to move to Nicaragua, which would allow him to learn the art of cigar-making and manufacture Drew Estate cigars based on the highly valuable tricks of the trade in South America.  While Jonathan was busy, Marvin relocated the business to Brooklyn, where he set up a storefront that would allow him to sell the brand’s very own smokes.

The brothers rose to fame in 1999 when they introduced their Acid Line, which continues to be one of the top-selling cigar lines in the United States and internationally.  It was clear from the start that Marvin and Jonathan had a knack for developing high-end cigars with extremely unique flavor profiles and top-quality materials.  This inevitably led them to explore the possibilities of producing new lines that were unlike anything else on the market.

It took Jonathan and Marvin five years of dedication to produce the Tabak Especial Cigars, which combine fine Nicaraguan tobacco with a Sumatran binder and a variety of exceptional wrappers to choose from.  Now, this line remains one of their best-sellers.

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