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A Deeper Look at Punch Brand Cigars

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Punch Brand CigarsA Number of Owners

The Punch brand was first registered in 1840 by a German man named Stockmann, who decided to name the brand after the European puppet show character Mr. Punch. The brand originated in Cuba, and it was specifically marketed for the English market.

The history behind this famous brand also featured a number of ownership changes. The first change of ownership came in 1874 when Luis Corujo purchased the brand. Another change came about in 1884 by Manuel López Fernandez. After a few other ownership switches, and after the stock market crash in 1929, this Cuban cigar brand was bought by Palicio y Cía. In 1969, the brand’s cigars began being produced in Honduras at the Villazon factory by Frank Llaneza.

One of the Most Famous Cigar Brand Names

Punch cigars are known to be of one the most famous brand names when it comes to cigars. The brand has been pleasing smokers around the world with their cigars bold flavors and quality. Today, Punch cigars are manufactured in Honduras from Cuban seeds grown in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.  Ultimately, the brand lives up to its “Punch” name by providing a bold, full-flavored taste that cigar smoker’s love.

The brand has established itself as a household name among cigar aficionados around the world. Each Punch cigar provides unmatched flavors and aromas. The brand name is something that you can trust, and these cigars straight up deliver. The brand is also known for its affordable pricing and its wide availability of products. Featuring a smooth flavor with some spiciness, a Punch cigar is a go to choice for anyone looking for a cigar that is affordable and has quality.

Punch Rare Corojo

This cigar is among one of the favorites that the Punch brand has to offer. This cigar is unique, and features a burgundy-color Sumatra seed wrapper that is grown naturally in the mist of the mountains of Ecuador. One of reasons why this cigar is so popular is because of its extra rich flavor that is complemented by a nice blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-filler tobaccos.

The beautiful reddish-hue of the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper is really what separates this cigar from its competition. This cigar is also a limited yearly release that begins in March and continues to be released until the year’s supply is used up. The Punch Rare Corojo received a rating of 92 by Cigar Aficionado, and it isconsidered a complex cigar that tastes delicious.

A Final Note

Now that you know more behind the history of Punch cigars, you should go out and try some of the many quality cigars that they have to offer. For the price, you will not be disappointed with the quality and craftsmanship of a Punch cigar.

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