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Best 2019 Halloween Cigars

Best 2019 Halloween Cigars, News

Cigar lovers know that holidays are all about pulling out the very best smokes in the collection to celebrate in style.  And, at BnB Tobacco, we’ve got some exquisite cigars for every occasion you can think of.  In fact, we even boast exceptional cigars that are great for Halloween festivities.  If you’re planning on attending a Halloween party this week or are simply going to be taking the kids from house to house trick-or-treating, these four cigars are excellent choices to help you make the most of the holiday.


Halloween Cigar #4: 100% Dominican Pyramid Cigars (Mild)


If you’re looking for a mild variety cigars that can be enjoyed at any time of day, we strongly suggest the 100% Dominican Pyramid Cigars.  These light yet highly nuanced cigars are perfect for savoring while you await eager trick-or-treaters, and they’re also great for evening parties as they can be enjoyed quite casually.


These cigars are great for Halloween because they’ve got a strong earthiness to them that makes us think of the falling leaves.  Additionally, they’ve got notes of warm spice that remind us of our favorite seasonal goodies.


Halloween Cigar #3: Alec Bradley Nica Pura (Medium)


The Alec Bradley Nica Pura cigars have a medium body and an incredibly smooth flavor.  The flavor is absolutely irresistible, and it reminds us of the things that we most love about the fall season.  A variety of warm spices remind us of our favorite desserts, while notes of rich coffee keep us warm on chilly October days.  There’s also a luxurious creaminess that makes us feel like we’re indulging without having to reach for the candy.


These cigars are light enough to be enjoyed on the deck on a crisp Halloween afternoon, but the flavor is decadent enough to make you feel like you’re really celebrating.  After all, this Nicaraguan tobacco is remarkably high in quality.


Halloween Cigar #2: Ashton VSG Cigars (Full)


Handmade in the Dominican Republic, these exceptional full-bodied cigars have that rich and robust flavor that will keep you nice and warm as the chilly air moves through your bones.  And, the flavor is as seasonal as can be, boasting notes of savory nuts and caramel along with just a hint of fruity sweetness.  Are you thinking of caramel apples yet?  Because we are.


These cigars are aged to perfection and made with only the finest tobacco, which means that you’ll want to pull one out just as the festivities are getting started.  They’re luxurious by nature, so they’re great for holiday parties.


Halloween Cigar #1: Arturo Fuente Exquisito (Mild-Medium)


Lastly, we have the Arturo Fuente Exquisito cigars, which have a mild-medium body.  They’re very well-priced considering how decadent they are.  They’re known for having a smooth, warm and sweet taste that will comfort your soul as the weather gets colder and the nights get longer.  And, they’re ideal for Halloween because of their richness and sweetness that reminds you of your favorite candy treats.  Enjoy them during the afternoon or evening hours.


Have a Happy Cigar Halloween!


Now that Halloween season is upon us, let’s make the most of it by savoring these sensational cigars.  Each of these cigars has seasonal elements that make it ideal for this time of year.

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