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The Growing Popularity of CBD Hemp Sticks

Chief Stix CBD Hemp Sticks

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that CBD is becoming one of the most popular natural wellness products of the decade, and maybe even the century.  As the CBD industry continues to boom, we’re seeing more and more unique and exciting products hit the market.  And, one of the most exciting products to date is CBD hemp sticks.


CBD hemp sticks are unique for a number of reasons.  They’re also capable of giving you a solid dose of CBD so that you can finally discover what this widely beloved plant compound is all about.  If you want to start getting into CBD hemp sticks, we’re here to explain more about what they are and why they’re so excellent for someone wanting to make hemp part of their daily routine.


What are CBD Hemp Sticks?


CBD hemp sticks are essentially cigarettes that contain hemp rather than cigarette tobacco.  Because they’re free of cigarette tobacco, they come without the risks specifically associated with smoking.  They look exactly like cigarettes, and they come in packs of 20, just like cigarettes do.  They hit the same way, and they must be lit via fire in order for the plant compounds to be activated.


What they contain is the hemp flower material, which means that when you smoke them, you’re not just getting CBD.  See, CBD is just one of the many unique plant compounds in the hemp plant.  Besides CBD, there are other cannabinoids and a wide variety of terpenes.  All of these compounds have the potential to be beneficial in their own unique way, and so smoking CBD hemp sticks can provide you with a whole lot of goodness that comes from hemp.


CBD hemp sticks are primarily marketed toward smokers and those who wish to quit cigarettes and replace their habit with something else.  Therefore, they’re great for anyone who wants to feel like they’re smoking, but wants to avoid tobacco altogether.


What Happens When You Smoke CBD?


Smoking hemp flower is a bit different from other administration methods.  It acts quickly, because smoking allows the compounds to reach the bloodstream within minutes.  This is why so many people enjoy them.  If they’re feeling stressed out or they’re dealing with some type of pain, they have the potential to experience relief quickly with these sticks as opposed to other methods like ingestion via edibles.


Now, if you’ve never tried CBD before, let’s make some things clear as there is a lot of misinformation out there.  For one thing, CBD hemp sticks will not make you high.  Hemp naturally has 0.3 percent THC, which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana.  However, because it’s only 0.3 percent, you will not experience psychoactive effects.


Additionally, hemp is legal in the United States, so you won’t get in trouble for enjoying these.  But, be aware that hemp does smell just like marijuana, so don’t be surprised if you get some looks as you smoke them on the street.


Lastly, bear in mind that every company produces a different product.  Some CBD hemp sticks are more potent than others, and they will vary in terms of quality, so do your research.


A New Potential Alternative Has Arrived!


CBD hemp sticks are excellent for those trying to quit cigarettes, and also for those who are looking for an easy way to get a solid dose of hemp throughout the day.  These sticks look and feel just like cigarettes, but they’re free of tobacco and loaded with plant compounds that have the potential to benefit you.  So, if you’re ready to hop onto the CBD train, these CBD hemp sticks are a great place to start.

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