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BnB Tobacco Spring Cigars You Wanna Have

Cigar Reviews cigars Perdomo Lot 23 Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Springtime

When you think of Spring pairings, you might think cuisine, wine and maybe beer – why not cigars? Words that evoke the thought of spring might include light, bright, sweet, mild, and smooth, which are all great aspects of a cigar. There are several sticks out there that could be thought to embody the season: Picture yourself sitting outside on a beautiful, sunny spring day with your favorite beverage and enjoying one of these three Prefect Spring Cigars:

First up is the Perdomo Lot 23: This has a pleasant, slightly floral and fruity aroma. Slightly sweet to the taste. You may get a little bit of pepper in the beginning which could fade as you smoke reappearing later towards the end. Smooth and buttery or creamy flavors will develop as you smoke. Definitely a mild/medium cigar. Easy on the draw with light and flaky ash on this one, overall an easy smoking cigar.

Up next, Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real: Very light. Medium pepper upfront will fade away and remain only on the finish as the smoke goes on. Overall soft wood that may also be slightly sweet. A clean and mild smoking cigar. Caramel may develop later on but will likely fade away later. Some stronger flavors may develop later through the half-way mark or so.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 rounds out the list: Sweet smelling pre-light. Sweet & nutty initially – should evolve into more of a toasted nut flavor as you smoke. Smooth & rich, creamy textured smoke, and plenty of it. It may be giving a creamy or slightly oily finish. Somewhat stronger flavors that you could expect to develop being a little bit of chocolate, coffee and pepper later on. Leather may develop as you near the Halfway mark. This could be considered the ‘heaviest’ of the cigars on this list, but being the heaviest of the lights and milds should not discourage you from trying this one.

While there are many other sticks that are not on this list that would also be prefect for Spring, you might want a little bit of help finding them. When looking for a Springtime cigar, you probably want something that produces lots of smoke. You’re likely going to be looking for a Connecticut wrapper over a Maduro for the more mild flavors. Flavor profiles to consider would include: Sweet, fruity, maybe a little bit of wood or very light leather towards the middle, mild to medium overall, perhaps a little bit of creamy or buttery finish. Overall, your own flavor likes and dislikes will and should guide you. The Three cigars listed above will not, however, disappoint if you are on the search form something to be considered “Springtime.”

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