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Cigars Sometimes Get Too Hot To Smoke

Cigar smokers are a special breed of people. They savor the taste and smell of their cigar as a precious jewel that stimulates and satisfies. A cigar can be a valuable commodity to some as it often is used as a relaxant and a stress reliever. Most smokers will bask in the aroma of a good cigar. Cigars come already rolled, or if you prefer, you can roll your own. This seems to add to the enjoyment of the cigar.

Smokers have developed their own unique way of handling a cigar. Whether it is held by the finger tips or between the finger, the taste is still exquisite. Smoking a cigar takes a certain type of skill. Unlike a cigarette, you do not inhale a cigar. You taste and exhale. You smoke it using soft, light, and short puffs. When a cigar is puffed too hard and too long it can become too hot to smoke. Several smokers have experienced this unfortunate event and either burned their fingers or lips, depending on how long or short the cigar had become. This is not an unusual occurrence for the avid smoker. Sometimes anxiety will cause the smoker to take extra-long puffs to release or recover from the woes of the day.

Cigar smokers have also found that being addicted to the sport of smoking can also be an invitation to cause the cigar to get too hot to smoke. Trying to get a much-needed smoke too fast, then puffing until it gets too hot will often distress the smoker even more. Waiting for it to cool down while it continues to burn is not a good ordeal for the smoker. Cigars are made in such a way, that although they may continue to stay lit, the smoker will not lose much of the cigar material.

So, if it is too hot for a moment, it will soon be back to the temperature that makes it enjoyable again. The best way to avoid a cigar getting to hot is to remember to take those smooth, short puffs. These have been proven to be the best way to smoke a cigar. Whether


you choose to smoke alone or enjoy the presence of other smokers, the smoking sensation can be a very rewarding undertaking. When a smoker gets too anxious or nervous and attempts to light up one quickly, the anticipation may result in long hard puffs that are not intentional. The cigar gets too hot and sometimes end up on the floor or ground to keep from burning the skin.

The key to having an enjoyable smoke is to take your time and breath in slowly, but do not inhale.

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