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Why Is Tar Coming Out of My Cigar?

Picture this, you’ve just closed a huge sell, you are surrounded by all of your colleagues, your future wife is standing around the corner (she just doesn’t’ know she’s your future yet), and your boss is thinking of getting you that promotion everybody been after. You pull out a box that looks like it was made for a winner, inside it is a few of your new favorite celebratory cigars. You pull one out, place it in your mouth while smiling, you lite it and began to enjoy the smooth rich taste… of success, then it happens for the first time, how embarrassing.

Most people probably wouldn’t notice it but you do, and your internal power begins to shift, you no longer appear confident. That promotion the Boss was considering giving to you is gone to the kiss butt man who just made his drink and is confident he knows what he is doing. Your future wife (the one that don’t know it yet) She looks at you for the first time that night and notices your light isn’t shining that bright with confidence and she turns away. And your colleagues, well they remain the same after all most of them are happy drunk anyways. But you’ve missed your chance on what you really wanted all because you lost your confidence, all because tar came from your cigar.

You are stuck because you didn’t know the next step to take ahead of time to get rid of that tar oozing from your cigar.

First you need to know there is nothing you’ve done to create this tar problem or anything you could have done to prevent it. Still embarrassing for that to happen though, especially at a moment like this. Now that you know it’s not something you can control but it is something you can work through successfully try smoking a bit slower.

Cigar lovers all over the world have had this problem and a few noticed when they smoked slower tar build up was almost non-existing. You may be a little excited and smoking just a little too fast. Snip just enough for the tar to be removed for you to continue to enjoy your cigar and savor slowly this may help. No one really knows why this happens some say it could be excess sap from leaf of tobacco plant that decided not to evaporate in the fermentation process, a quick snip and a slower enjoyment of the cigar may solve that problem.

Now let’s rewind back to that moment at the celebration gathering when your confidence was high, right before the tar came oozing out of your first cigar only now you know exactly what to do. You pull out your cigar cutter in absolute dolce, you don’t trip over your actions and snip away at the oozing problem and savor your celebratory cigar slower, everyone feeds in more off your confidence and you’ve never missed a beat in that moment.

Just remember if this continues to happen with tar oozing from your cigar just snip it and smoke it slower.

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