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Different Humidor Materials

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Now that you’ve developed a refined taste in cigars, it’s time to invest in the right accessories and storage.  If you really want to collect and take care of your cigars, a high-quality humidor is crucial.  The right humidor will maintain the perfect humidity level so that your cigars never get too dry or too moist.  After all, when exposed to the wrong level of humidity, your cigars will be incapable of delivering a pleasurable smoke.

 When it comes to selecting the right humidor, there are many things to consider.  First, you have to make sure you’re going with a respected, trusted brand.  You also have to make sure that you choose the right hygrometer as this component will allow you to ensure that the humidity level stays consistent.

 Another thing to take into consideration is the material from which your humidor was made.  While wood is easily the most popular, there are other materials to consider as well.  Plus, even if you do choose a wood humidor, which type of wood are you going to decide on?


 As we said, wood reigns supreme in the humidor world.  It’s elegant, relatively resilient and perfectly effective at keeping your humidity level just right.  Plus, many people just love the smell of wood when they reach into their humidor to grab a cigar.  Wood is excellent at maintaining humidity, making it a great choice of material.

 With wood, it’s all about the humidity absorption rate.  That’s why three types of wood seem to be the most popular.

 Spanish Cedar

 Spanish cedar, actually originating from Brazil, tends to be the gold standard as far as humidors go.  With the perfect humidity absorption rate, it’s capable of treating your cigars in the way that they deserve.  People also love the unique aroma of this type of cedar that gently perfumes the air.  And, it’s great at deterring insects that can creep into your cigar collection.  Lastly, Spanish cedar seems to do a great job maintaining the flavor of your cigars.

 American Red Cedar

 American red cedar is a more affordable alternative to Spanish cedar.  Its aroma is far more pungent, so keep that in mind.  Of course, there are many people who actually adore the smell of this type of wood, so the aroma is no problem for them.

 While American red cedar is also highly effective at maintaining humidity and preserving flavor, it’s not as effective at warding off bugs who can get into your cigars.  Of course, whether or not this is even a concern of yours largely has to do with here you live.

 Honduran Mahogany

 Another more affordable choice is Honduran mahogany, a type of wood with a humidity absorption rate that’s very close to that of Spanish cedar.  It’s effective at its purpose, but it’s not as good at preserving the flavor of your cigars.


 Acrylic is becoming more and more popular these days.  These see-through humidors allow you to show off your stellar cigar collection while making it easy for you to keep track of what’s inside without having to constantly open and close the lid.  Acrylic is also more resilient than wood, meaning that it’s less likely to chip when moved around.


 Glass humidors are fairly popular among those who enjoy the luxury cigar market.  High-quality glass humidors can do their job while allowing you to admire your collection.  Of course, glass is a fairly fragile material compared to others, meaning that those who have glass humidors must be very careful.  Glass humidors are also relatively expensive.


 Marble humidors are dwindling in popularity, largely because they’re impractical.  While they’re visually stunning, they’re very fragile and extremely heavy.  Plus, they tend to be so expensive that they alienate those who aren’t wealthy.

 The Choice Material is Yours

 The type of humidor material that you choose is really up to you.  While wood seems to be the most popular, only you know your unique preferences and storage needs.

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