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Don’t Have a Humidor to Store Your Cigar? No Problem, There are Alternatives!

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Some cigar enthusiasts don’t always have a humidor in order to store their precious stogies in. If you’re one of them, have no fear, as there are some creative and effective methods to allow your cigars to be truly fresh and flavorful as possible, without needing a humidor.

A Quick Insight into a Humidor

A humidor is a type of storage container that’s designed to keep cigars fresh by regulating the level of humidity inside the container. Without the correct humidification, stogies can dry out and become brittle, which in turn, makes them complicated to smoke. Humidors are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Still, nonetheless, humidors contain a hygrometer - measures the relative humidity (RH) level inside the humidor. Also, they contain a humidifier to maintain the RH at an ideal level (68%-72%).

While a good majority of cigar aficionados elect to store their cigars in a humidor, there are alternative storage methods that can be utilized if you don’t have access to a humidor.

What are Some Alternatives to a Humidor?

Again, most cigar enthusiasts are away that stiges have to be stored in a humidor in order to stay fresh. Still, if you don’t have one, below are just some of the creative alternatives that could work out for you just fine.

Alternative #1: Ziplock Bags

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to store your cigars without a humidor, simply use a ziplock bag with a damp sponge or moisture pack inside. Just make sure to puncture a few holes in the bag so that the cigars can breathe.

Alternative #2: Cedar Paper

Wrapping your cigars in cedar paper can be an interesting approach. Why? Well, because it will help them retain their moisture. You can also try using a Tupperware container lined with moistened peat moss or Spanish cedar shavings.

Note: Be sure to check on your cigars regularly and add more water as needed to keep them from drying out.

Alternative #3: Wrapping in Cellophane and Placing in an Airtight Container

If you plan on smoking your cigars within a two period of purchase, then wrapping them in cellophane and setting them in an airtight container is a totally welcomed manner to store them. Just be sure that the container being used is truly airtight, as if it’s not, then your stogies will dry out.

Alternative #4: Cooler or Fridge

If you’re looking for a more long-term solution, simply try storing your cigars in a wine cooler or fridge. Initially, you gotta make sure to wrap the cigars in foil or plastic. How come? Simple, so they don’t dry out. Between the cooler or fridge method that’s selected, ensures that your cigars are kept at a stabilized temperature.

Final Cigar Storage Thoughts

Whatever of the above methods you select, just make sure that the cigars aren’t exposed to direct sunlight or excessive heat. Being exposed to these two elements will dry them out and ruin their flavor – thus making them go bad in the long run. With just the right amount of creativity, you can easily store your cigars without a humidor!

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