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Extra Quick, Short Cigar Draws is the Secret when Smoking a Cigar

Nothing says victory than smoking a cigar.

While cigars are often reserved for special occasions, you don’t have to win something to enjoy its rich flavor and pleasant aroma. There is, however, a specific order and techniques you should use if you want to get the best experience when smoking a cigar.

We know you have heard a lot of advice when it comes to choosing, storing and consuming your cigar. However, we want to give you something different. In this article, we’ll focus on how to keep your cigar lit so you can savor it better.

Extra Quick, Short Draws

The most significant challenge when smoking a cigar, especially for beginners, is to prevent the cigar from going out right between draws. The best way to avoid this is by doing extra quick, short draws. You also need to watch the smoke up to the foot and determine if you have to draw again.

When the smoke starts to dry down, or when you don’t see it anymore, then it’s time for another draw.  Depending on the cigar you are smoking, you usually have to draw every fifteen to twenty-five seconds each time.

Fully Experiencing the Cigar’s Taste

When you’re drawing, you need to take an easy, slow pull to experience the cigar’s flavorful nuances fully. Never inhale the cigar smoke as it leaves an unusual taste, makes you cough, and sometimes even a stomachache. You can, however, puff up your cheeks if you want. Remember to exhale through the nose to fully appreciate the full taste of a cigar.

If the cigar starts to go out a little bit, but still has some lights left and didn’t require a re-light, take a couple of short, still pulls to keep the flavor flowing. After which, you can retake your slow draws to the smoke in your mouth. Depending on how much cigar is left, the shorts you take may require higher than three pulls.

Finishing Your Cigar

Depending on what kind of cigar you smoke, it may take anywhere between 30-minutes (i.e., the Corona) for more than an hour (i.e., the Churchill) before you consume it entirely. The best way to enjoy the cigar is to take it slow and never draw heavily.

Also, you don’t want to tap your cigar’s ash too often, as you do in a cigarette. A long ash is a sign of an excellent cigar. But also, don’t keep it sitting for too long unless you want to relight it afterward.

These are just some of the simple tips which can help you better your cigar smoking experience.


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