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How to Properly Clean Your Tobacco Pipe After Using It

cleaning supplies for tobacco pipe

Overall, it is vital that you clean your tobacco pipe before smoking new pipe tobacco, as a clean tobacco pipe will mean fewer carcinogens, and the taste will be better. With fewer carcinogens, you eliminate the risk of causing much damage to your lungs. It also means that you will enjoy a good flavor from the herbs. Finally, cleaning the pipe will help you maintain its appearance.

Cleaning your tobacco pipe is healthier as you reduce the risk of damaging your lungs. Also, you will enjoy the taste of the herbs. Thus, make it a routine to clean and store it in a clean place. Additionally, for proper cleaning, ensure to get the right tools if you are a first-time tobacco pipe buyer, research to know the options available to you.

Tobacco Pipe Shapes and Sizes

Notably, tobacco pipes are available in different shapes and sizes. And, the pipes are made from various materials with different characteristics and aesthetics.

Billiard Pipes

These tobacco pipes have a straight bowl and stem connected at a 90-degree angle. For the billiard Pipes, the shanks’ length is similar to the height of the bowls. Even when the billiard family consists of straight stems, it’s possible to find some with bent designs.

Apple Pipes

It also is categorized into straight pipes. Apple pipes have rounded bowls. Like the billiard, an apple’s shank’s length is similar to its bowl. You can also find bend designs of the apple tobacco pipes.

Bulldog Pipes

The pipes come in different designs. Bulldog pipes have similar traits; however, they each have unique characteristics, which makes them different. The pipe has a robust shank and bowls that lean forward.

Canadian Pipes

Canadian pipes can be identified by their long shanks. Notably, the bowls have a similar appearance to the billiard pipes. Because of the long shanks, Canadian pipes are ideal if you like holding the pipe as you smoke.

Calabash Pipes

These pipes are iconic for their conical bowl shapes with domes at the top. Calabash is made from a dried calabash gourd. Another distinctive feature is the curve between the stem and the shank. What’s more, the bowl is removable, which is efficient for the removal of debris.

Other tobacco pipe shapes include; Liverpool, Dublin, lovat, lumberman, chimney, briar, and sitter. Notably, most pipe stems are 9 to 18 inches long. They also come in different sizes and are determined by the length of the stem and the bowl’s height. Notably, the use of tobacco pipes has dwindled over the years. However, the most common tobacco pipes today are briar pipes. The pipes have a shape similar to bulldog pipes.

How to Clean Tobacco Pipes

Of course, cleaning your tobacco pipe is essential. You will not enjoy smoking with a dirty pipe as the taste will differ. Additionally, you will be at a higher risk of developing a lung infection. You will need to get the right tools to clean the pipes properly. Thus you will need a pipe reamer, bristled or soft pipe cleaners, q-tips, alcohol a pipe scraper brush. Ensure that you purchase the best quality for the best results.

Steps for Cleaning Smoking Pipes

Before you start cleaning your tobacco pipe, ensure that it is cold. Separating your pipe from the shank white warm might cause it to crack. Moreover, it may loosen the tenon, making the cleaning process messy.

Follow the following steps to clean your tobacco pipe properly.

Step #1: Clean the Rim

For this step, you will need alcohol and Q-Tips. It’s crucial that you don’t use strong alcohol as it may end up damaging the wood. Dip the Q-Tip in alcohol and rub it on the rim to scrap off the buildup tar on the rim.

Step #2: Clean the Shank

You will need a pipe cleaner for this cleaning step. Dip the cleaner in the alcohol and scrub the shank like cleaning the rim. It is a crucial step as it eliminates residues of tobacco or tar in the shank.

Step #3: Clean the Stem

For this, use the pipe scrapper brash to scrape the inside of the tenon. For proper cleaning, you can use bristled pipe cleaners. A good scrub ensures your pipe is not clogged. It is essential that you pay attention to this step as it’s the part that goes into the mouth.

Step #4: Clean the Bowl

Use a pipe reamer to clean the bowl. Insert the cleaning tool into the bowl and twist it to capture all the residue in the pipe. You can ream your bowl every few months to ensure no ash or residue is left over.

Step #5: Soak the Bowl

The final step for cleaning your tobacco pipe is soaking your tobacco. For this, you will need to soak the bowl in a salt and alcohol mixture to ensure all residue is removed. For best results, you should soak your bowl overnight. After soaking, you can risk off the salt in the bowl, and your pipe is ready for use.


Key Tip: Wash your tobacco pipe every month but take note that this might differ depending on your usage.

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