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Machine-Made vs. Hand-Rolled Cigarillos

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More cigarillos are being made by machines. Manufacturers claim they're better than hand-rolled ones because they're less labor-intensive. But the truth is that there's much more to rolling a cigarillo than faster production. So, we will be taking a closer look as to what a cigarillo is and the differences between machine-made and hand-rolled cigarillos.

What’s a Cigarillo Anyway?

A cigarillo is a small or miniature cigar. It's usually shorter and thicker than a regular cigar, which makes it cheaper, too. And cigarette smokers can smoke it in a public place without attracting attention.

There are two types of cigarillos:

  • Machine-made cigarillos looks like a cigarette. They come in different flavors and are made from tobacco. They have filters and papers inside to make them look more like cigarettes.
  • Hand-rolled cigarillos are made from tobacco leaves and tied with threads onto thick paper tubes that hold them together.

Differences Between Machine-Made and Hand-Rolled Cigarillos

Price: A machine-made cigarillo pack costs less than a handcrafted one. But if you buy a machine-made cigarillo in bulk, it's likely to last only three or four days because they are made of tobacco leaves that burn fast. So you have to buy them at least every week or so. Hand-rolled cigarillos last for two to three weeks at a time, so you can save money in the long run.

Taste: Cigarillos are meant to be short, quick puffs in between other activities. But if you smoke a machine-made one, it may taste like it was made from tobacco leaves with high nicotine content. Hand-rolled cigarillos are made of milder tobacco that's very hard to steal or make in mass production. They don't taste like cigarettes, nor do they have high levels of nicotine.

Packaging: Cigarillos are wrapped in paper packaging and sold in tubes. Hand-rolled cigarillos are either sold individually or in packs. This makes them convenient to carry around, especially if you're on the go always.

Strength: Cigarillos generally have a milder strength when compared to cigarette tobacco, which is why they are not given the same classification as cigars. Machine-made cigarillos are usually the same strength as cigarettes, so you won't be able to enjoy them for long. However, a hand-rolled one can have a milder taste and last longer.

Smoothness: Cigarillos are made from tobacco leaves. Not only do they have different flavor profiles, but also different physical properties of varying strength. Machine-made ones are ready-to-use. If you put them in the oven for a few minutes, the tobacco burns up quickly, and you can't enjoy it for long.

Scent: Cigarillos don't tend to smell pleasant. Unlike hand-rolled ones, machine-made ones have no scent. Instead, they smell similar to cigarettes because of their paper wrapper and wrapper filler (paper or tobacco) inside. They are made to make a quick-burning cigar, so they don't smell like cigarettes.

Preparation: Hand-rolled cigarillos can be smoked without preparation because they are made with or without paper and tobacco tubes. Machine-made ones don't have any of these, so you can't enjoy a good smoke when you first start using them. They also have to be stored in airtight packaging because the tobacco leaves tend to get wet with humidity. The best way to smoke them is to put them in the oven for a few minutes. If you do this, they'll burn evenly and last longer.

Recycle: You can take a hand-rolled cigarillo with you wherever you are. Machine-made ones have no paper packaging, so they're impossible to transport. Plus, the tobacco leaves get ruined if you move around with them. They are meant to be enjoyed in one place, which makes them a huge waste of resources.

Final Cigarillo Thoughts

Overall, if you want to buy a machine-made cigarillo or hand-rolled cigar, check the specifications first. You might be better off buying a few packs of hand-made ones and enjoying them daily rather than buying small amounts of machine-made ones that are always available at convenience stores. If you do buy machine-made cigars, make sure they're rechargeable ones.

When it comes to choosing your favorite cigarillos, consider these factors: price, taste, strength, packaging, and recycling.

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