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New Release: Cornell & Dieh Small Batch: Sun Bear Tupelo!

Cornell & Diehl Sun Bear Tupelo

Sun Bear Tupelo is a pipe tobacco blend by Cornell & Diehl, a renowned brand in the tobacco industry. Sun Bear Tupelo is the latest iteration of their popular summertime blend, incorporating various tobacco types and a sweet Tupelo honey topping. No wonder tobacco enthusiasts are already drawn to this outstanding product. 

About the Company

Cornell & Diehl is a well-known name in the pipe tobacco and cigars world. They’re recognized for crafting high-quality blends using a variety of tobacco leaves and unique flavorings. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship since 1990 has earned them a loyal following among tobacco enthusiasts.

Since its inception, Cornell & Diehl has consistently strived to create unique and captivating pipe tobacco blends that cater to the diverse preferences of their customers. Their team of skilled blenders carefully curates each blend, ensuring that it delivers a distinctive and satisfying smoking experience.

One of the brand's notable characteristics is its innovative approach to blending. Cornell & Diehl is known for experimenting with various tobacco components and flavorings to craft blends that captivate the senses and offer a rich depth of taste. This creative spirit has earned them accolades and a solid reputation within the pipe-smoking community.

As a company deeply rooted in tradition yet always pushing the boundaries of flavor profiles, Cornell & Diehl continues introducing new blends that resonate with seasoned pipe enthusiasts and those new to the art of pipe smoking. With a commitment to quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction, Cornell & Diehl remains a trusted and sought-after name in the world of pipe tobacco. Besides, their Small Batch: Sun Bear Tupelo is another testament to their dedication to providing exceptional smoking experiences.

What Exactly is Sun Bear Tupelo?

Cornell & Diehl Small Batch: Sun Bear Tupelo is an exquisite pipe tobacco blend crafted to offer a unique and captivating smoking experience. The blend masterfully combines different tobacco components, each contributing distinct characteristics to create a harmonious symphony of flavors.

Including 2019 Basma and 2018 Turkish Izmir tobaccos infuse the blend with earthy, woody, and floral notes, complemented by a subtle sourness that adds depth to the profile. Accompanying these Oriental tobaccos are 2019 bright Virginias, which introduce a delightful citrus tartness, a touch of vegetative grass, and a hint of sugar, all playing perfectly with the Orientals.

Moreover, the addition of 2019 red Virginia further enriches the blend by bringing tangy ripe dark fruit flavors, accompanied by a hint of bread and grass, providing secondary support to the overall composition. The true star of this blend is the generous topping of sweet Tupelo honey, infusing each puff with a creamy, buttery sweetness and delicate floral undertones, elevating the smoking experience to new heights.

For those seeking a captivating twist, the hints of tequila and sweet elderflower add subtle but intriguing fruity, herbal, and acidic notes that interweave seamlessly with the other components. As a result, Sun Bear Tupelo promises a well-balanced and nuanced smoking journey.

Expect a consistent, creamy sweetness laced with fruity, floral, mildly sour, spicy, and herbal accents, all coming together in a symphony of taste that captivates the senses and lingers as a pleasant aftertaste. This blend's complexity and artful balance make it a must-try for discerning pipe tobacco enthusiasts seeking refined and gratifying smoke.

Why Choose Cornell & Dieh Small Batch: Sun Bear Tupelo Anyways?

Below are five reasons why someone should try the Sun Bear Tupelo blend.

Reason #1: Unique and Complex Flavor Profile

Cornell & Diehl Small Batch: Sun Bear Tupelo stands out for its unique and complex flavor profile, making it a captivating choice for tobacco enthusiasts. The blend's composition incorporates various tobacco components, each contributing distinct characteristics to the overall taste experience.

The 2019 Basma and 2018 Turkish Izmir combination brings earthy, woody, and floral notes, complemented by subtle dry sourness and herbal undertones. Meanwhile, the 2019 bright Virginias add a delightful tangy citrus flavor and elements of bread, vegetative grass, and mild floralness. These components compete with the Orientals, creating a harmonious balance of taste.

Furthermore, 2019 red Virginia enriches the blend with tangy, ripe dark fruit, a touch of sugar, and floral and grassy undertones. A standout feature of Sun Bear Tupelo is the topping of very sweet Tupelo honey, which adds a creamy, buttery sweetness and a hint of floral notes to the overall taste. Additionally, the blend incorporates notes of earthy tequila, tart grape, and sweet elderflower, adding layers of complexity that appeal to discerning smokers.

Reason #2: Medium to Strong Strength

The strength of Cornell & Diehl Small Batch: Sun Bear Tupelo falls within the medium to strong range, providing a gratifying smoking experience for those who prefer a slightly more robust tobacco blend. With its medium nicotine hit, this blend strikes a balance, offering a satisfying smoke without overwhelming the smoker. The carefully curated combination of tobacco components ensures that the strength of Sun Bear Tupelo is well-suited to seasoned pipe tobacco enthusiasts.

Reason #3: Pleasing Aroma

Sun Bear Tupelo delights the senses not only with its flavor but also with its pleasing aroma. While the room note is described as "tolerable," it remains generally well-received by those around the smoker. The blend emits a mildly pungent room note, which adds to the overall sensory experience. The balanced aroma enhances the smoking environment and contributes to the overall enjoyment of the tobacco.

Reason #4: Easy to Prepare and Smoke

Cornell & Diehl Small Batch: Sun Bear Tupelo is easily broken apart, with mildly moist flakes requiring no dry time before smoking. This convenience saves the smoker time and effort in preparation, allowing for a seamless and enjoyable smoking experience. Furthermore, the blend's ability to burn cool, clean, and slow ensures a consistent flavor profile throughout the smoking session, adding to the overall satisfaction of the tobacco.

Reason #5: Already Getting Highly Rated Reviews

The Sun Bear Tupelo blend has garnered positive reviews from tobacco enthusiasts, with one reviewer giving it a notable four-star rating. Positive feedback reflects the blend's quality, flavor complexity, and overall smoking satisfaction. The carefully crafted combination of tobacco components and the inclusion of the distinctive Tupelo honey topping has piqued the interest of smokers, making this small-batch blend a compelling choice for those seeking an exceptional tobacco experience.

Cornell & Diehl Small Batch: Sun Bear Tupelo: A Unique and Complex Profile that Sets it Apart from Other Pipe Tobacco Blends!

With its medium to strong strength, a pleasing aroma, and ease of preparation, it caters to the preferences of seasoned pipe tobacco enthusiasts. The positive reviews and high-quality components make it an attractive option for those seeking a refined and enjoyable smoking experience. Whether one is a seasoned pipe smoker or an enthusiast looking to explore new blends, Sun Bear Tupelo is undoubtedly a tobacco blend worth trying for its distinctive taste and overall smoking satisfaction.

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