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What’s That Growing on My Cigar?!

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  Ever buy a cigar from your Tobacconist (hopefully from BnB Tobacco) or reach into your humidor and notice something on your stogie? Lots of cigar smokers have, and have had varying degrees of reactions and outcomes. There are two main possibilities for what could be on your cigar: Mold, Plume (or Bloom). Each has their own characteristics, outcomes, and rules, so let’s get down to the differences. Blooming Cigars A phenomenon like Pluming (or Blooming, the terms are interchangeable) is actually a good thing, so if you have this on your cigar, you either bought or produced a very...

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Don’t Let Cigar Breath Ruin Your Cigar Experience!

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  You spent some time yesterday smoking a (hopefully) great cigar, hit the hay and the next morning you’ve woken up and your mouth tastes like you ate the ash off that stick you were enjoying. Almost anyone who has smoked a stogie has been there. I’m here to tell you friend, there are ways to avoid this. Some tips will follow, but first let’s look at what causes Cigar Breath. Bad Breath Beginnings The main cause of bad breath in anyone is generally dry mouth. Our saliva protects our mouths from harmful bacteria that can cause a whole myriad...

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What To Look For in A Cigar Wrapper Leaf

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In the real estate world, the mantra is: Location, Location, Location. In the world of cigar tobacco, location is important, but there is more to a wrapper than what kind of leaf it is, or where it was grown. Don’t misunderstand: these things are important, but there are other obvious things to look for in wrappers. I’d say the mantra for cigar wrappers should be Quality, Visual, and Location. Here’s why they’re important: Quality: Describes the overall fineness of the wrapper leaves. Generally, wrappers should be aged for a year or two before they are used to help the flavors...

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Don’t Chuck Those Dried Out Cigars: Re-Hydrate Them

Cigar Articles Cigar How To's cigars dried out humidor moisture re-hydrate stogies tips

  At some point or another, every cigar smoker has neglected a stogie or two for a while, only to remember that they had it later. At this point, it’s fairly dried out and not smoke-able in current condition. Fear not – and toss not – You can re-hydrate those dried out sticks, we’ve the technology after all. The one overarching point of this guide will be to take your time. There’s no use re-hydrating a cigar only to have the wrapper crack from shocking it. Just like with barbecue, think low and slow. The “magic number” of humidity for...

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The Dos and Don’ts When Cleaning Your Humidor

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Before you even start thinking about cleaning your humidor- Stop! Why are you thinking about doing it? Have you discovered mold on your humidor or cigars? Have you recently been the victim of a tobacco beetle infestation? Have you maybe used bad water to recharge your humidor and have scale buildup? Do you have a lot of Tobacco dust and debris in your humidor? Other than these reasons, or if you just haven’t done it for a few months or more, you probably don’t really need to clean your humidor. In order for it to do the job it was...

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