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Taking a Vintage Humidor and Making it Work Again

Vintage Humidor

Most of us prefer to buy a brand-new humidor, because we prioritize one that works as well as possible to properly maintain our cigars at the right temperature and humidity level.  But, from time to time, many cigar enthusiasts come across a vintage humidor that they are dying to bring back to life.

Fortunately, there’s no rule that says that after a humidor has reached a certain age, it can no longer do its important job.  Most vintage humidors, like all humidors, are relatively simple pieces of hardware, which means that they can easily be brought back to their former glory.

Benefits of Vintage Humidors

So, what makes vintage humidors uniquely appealing?  Let’s go over the main benefits of choosing this option.

#1: Price

Sometimes, you’ll find a vintage humidor for a lower price than you would a new one.  This is ideal for those who are on a budget, and don’t want to invest in a super expensive option.  Even better are the humidors that are priced cheaply due to their age but are in fact beautiful pieces made from exceptional materials.

#2: Aesthetics

The aesthetic value of some vintage humidors makes them a worthy investment.  A lot of the older designs boast intricate details that make them visually stunning, and absolutely deserving of a spot in your home. 

#3: Craftsmanship

Many older humidors are handmade and feature stunning examples of craftsmanship from a bygone era. 

#4: Value

In some cases, a vintage humidor may actually be a valuable piece to add to your collection.  For instance, some are made by known humidor manufacturers whose work continues to be praised throughout the cigar-loving community.

Restoring a Vintage Humidor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now, let’s go over the process of restoring a vintage humidor to its former glory.

Step #1: The first thing that you’ll want to do is grab an unused, nonabrasive sponge.  You want it to be unused because any soap or cleaner residue could be bad for the wood.  Soak it in distilled water, as tap water contains minerals that can damage the humidor material.  Then, gently rub down the entire humidor to remove surface stains as well as film, dust, and debris.  Avoid using a cloth or a paper towel, which may create streaks that are unappealing to the eye.

Step #2: Soak the sponge in distilled water one more time.  Now, put it on a plastic bag or plastic plate, and put it inside the humidor before closing it.  Putting the sponge on plastic material prevents water from getting onto the actual wood.  From here, you’ll want to fill the humidor as you normally would, and let it sit on a dry towel for between 30 and 45 minutes.

Step #3: With the sponge still inside of the humidor, add your humidifying component.  Allow the humidor to sit overnight with the lid tightly closed.

Step #4: The next morning, you can check on the sponge.  If it’s dry, you’ll know that you need to add more of your humidifying component.  Spray the sponge with more distilled water if needed.

Step #5: Allow the humidor to sit one more night with the sponge inside.  At this stage, your humidor should be ready to go.  From here, you can use it as you normally would.

Just as a note, this is also the point where you’ll be able to get a good idea as to whether or not the humidor has issues with its seal, or any small cracks in the material itself.  If either of these issues arise, you can take it to a cigar shop, and allow experts to guide you through the repair process.

Follow These Tips and Steps to Get It Back to Its Working State in No Time

Vintage humidors can be found easily, and many collectors like seeking out ones that boast beautiful craftsmanship and are made from highly resilient materials.  If you happen to come across one that appeals to you, now you know that it can, in most cases, be restored so that it may work once again. 

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