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Top 5 Legendary Hollywood Pipe Smokers of All-Time

Hollywood Pipe Smoker

There's something about smoking a pipe that instantly makes a man appear distinguished and cultured. While the popularity of smoking a pipe has come and gone many times throughout history, many find that nothing is more pleasurable than puffing away on a high-quality pipe while enjoying some flavorful tobacco. 

These days, it's rare to see a man smoking a pipe out in public. However, during the old days of Hollywood, some of the most lauded leading men were rarely seen without a pipe in hand. Below, you'll discover the five most beloved pipe smokers from Hollywood's golden age.

Bing Crosby

Few men have enjoyed a successful and long-lasting career like Bing Crosby. This soulful singer was a household name for more than fifty years. His smooth vocal style and magnetic screen presence turned him into a star virtually overnight. He was rarely seen without one of his signature pipes in hand. Whether he was writing a song or filming on set, this legendary crooner always took the time to enjoy some delicious tobacco.

William Conrad

Kentucky native William Conrad first started smoking a pipe during his time as a fighter pilot in the Second World War. Those who were close to him knew that he preferred Charatan over any other pipe brand. In fact, you can find many photos of him enjoying a wide range of Charaton styles. His career spanned several decades. From appearing in television to narrating radio broadcasts, Conrad did it all. He's best known, however, as the narrator of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Robert Young

From Hollywood leading man to star of a hit television program, Robert Young wore many hats during his long and very successful acting career. In fact, Young is known for being one of the first actors to leave Hollywood to pursue a television career. Throughout his time in the spotlight, he could always be found with a pipe in his hand. With such a busy schedule, we imagine that smoking a pipe helped him unwind after a long day in the studio.

Clark Gable

Few leading men are as beloved as Clark Gable. To this day, many of his films remain enormously popular. As the ultimate manly man of Hollywood's golden age, it's no surprise that Gable could be found smoking his pipe between takes. Some have argued that Gable made smoking a pipe seem cool to young audiences. In many of his films, he's smoking a pipe when he's not busy wooing his leading lady.

Orson Welles

Orson Welles was a pipe enthusiast who enjoyed seeking out exquisitely crafted pipes when he wasn't pursuing his many other interests. Often referred to as one of the most brilliant men ever to work in Hollywood, being a pipe smoker seems to fit in with his reputation as a highly cultured intellectual. Welles famously smoked his pipe while writing. Therefore, it's safe to say that his pipe was his muse.

These five men helped make it cool to smoke a pipe. Even though they're all gone, their influence on today's culture is hard to deny.

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