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What are the Pros & Cons of Buying Cigars in Bulk or Bundles?

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Buying cigars in bulk or bundles is a popular option for many cigar smokers. Cigar bundles usually contain 20 to 50 cigars at a reduced price per cigar compared to buying them individually. There are several advantages to buying cigars in bulk, including cost savings, convenience, and access to a wider variety of cigars. However, there are also some disadvantages to consider, too.

Why Choose Cigar Bundles and Buying in Bulk?

Buying in bulk/bundles can be an excellent option if you're a frequent cigar smoker and enjoy trying different blends and brands. However, it's essential to choose a reputable cigar retailer that sources high-quality cigars and takes steps to ensure proper storage and maintenance to preserve the cigars' freshness and flavor.


#1: Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of buying cigars in bulk is cost savings. Bundles are often sold at a discounted price per cigar compared to buying them individually. This means you can enjoy the same quality cigars for a lower price. Buying in bulk is especially beneficial if you're a frequent cigar smoker and go through many cigars quickly.

Another cost-saving benefit of buying cigars in bulk is that you can often find special deals and promotions on bundles. For example, cigar retailers may offer free shipping, other cigars, or other incentives when you purchase cigars in bulk.

#2: Convenience

Buying cigars in bulk is also convenient for many cigar smokers. It saves you the hassle of visiting the cigar shop frequently to purchase individual cigars. Instead, you can stock up on a supply of cigars and have them readily available whenever you want to smoke. This is especially helpful if you live far from a cigar shop or have a busy schedule.

#3: Wider Variety

Buying cigars in bulk allows you to access a wider variety of cigars. Cigar bundles often contain a selection of different brands, blends, and sizes. This allows you to try different cigars and discover new favorites. Buying in bulk is also an excellent way to experiment with different cigars without committing to buying a whole box of one brand or blend.

#4: Longer Shelf Life

Cigars bought in bulk often have a longer shelf life than individual cigars. This is because they are kept in their original packaging, which protects them from environmental factors such as humidity and temperature. The original packaging also helps prevent the cigars from drying out, which can ruin their flavor and aroma. Buying cigars in bulk is an excellent way to ensure that your cigars stay fresh for longer.

#5: Value For Money

Buying cigars in bulk can also provide excellent value for money, particularly if you're on a tight budget. When you purchase cigars in bulk, you're likely to receive a discount on the cost per cigar, saving you significant money in the long run. Additionally, many retailers offer free shipping on bulk orders, which can further reduce the cost per cigar. If you're a regular cigar smoker, buying in bulk can help you stretch your budget further and get more cigars for your money.

#6: Gifting Options

Buying cigars in bulk can also provide you with plenty of gifting options. Whether you're buying cigars for a friend, family member, or colleague, having a stash of cigars on hand means you'll always have a thoughtful and practical gift option. You can create custom cigar assortments or gift baskets that include a variety of cigars to suit the recipient's tastes and preferences. By buying in bulk, you can also take advantage of special deals and discounts to increase your gift-giving budget.

#7: Potential Environmental Benefits

Buying cigars in bulk can also have environmental benefits. Buying cigars in bulk means receiving a single large package rather than multiple smaller packages. This means that less packaging waste will be generated, reducing the amount of material that ends up in landfills. Additionally, buying cigars in bulk can reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping and transportation.


#1: Quality Concerns

Sometimes, quality may be inconsistent across all the cigars in the bundle. While cigar manufacturers take steps to ensure quality control, there may be some variation in the cigars' taste, aroma, or draw. This can be due to differences in the tobacco used or the production process. Therefore, it's important to choose a single cigar retailer that sources high-quality cigars to minimize important e the risk of receiving subpar cigars in your bundle.

#2: Storage Concerns

While buying cigars in bulk can help preserve their freshness, you may still need to take precautions to ensure they stay in good condition. Cigars are sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature, so you'll need to store them properly in a humidor or other cigar storage device. If you don't have a humidor, you may need to purchase one, which can be an additional cost to consider.

#4: Lack Of Variety

While buying cigars in bulk can give you access to a wider variety of cigars, it can also limit your ability to try new blends and brands. If you only buy cigars in bulk, you may miss out on the opportunity to explore the world of cigars and discover varieties. Additionally, if you prefer to smoke rare or hard-to-find cigars, buying in bulk may not be feasible, as these cigars may only be sold individually or in limited quantities.

To Recap

Buying cigars in bulk or bundles has it’s true advantages, including cost savings, convenience, access to a wider variety of cigars, longer shelf life, value for money, gifting options, and environmental benefits. However, some disadvantages are quality concerns, storage concerns, and a potential need for more variety.

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