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What is Katerini Tobacco?

Katerini Tobacco fresh

Easily, one of the most legendary pipe tobaccos is Katerini tobacco, which comes from one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and also has an enduring appeal that has kept its legacy alive.  If you’re relatively new to the world of pipe tobacco, you may not know what makes this special brand so unique, so we’re going to offer a full profile on Katerini tobacco to give you a good idea of what you can expect from it in terms of flavor, smoke quality, and nicotine/sugar content, all while providing some background information into where it comes from.

Where Does Katerini Tobacco Come from?

Katerini tobacco comes from Thessaloninka, a part of Greek Western Macedonia that’s one of the most picturesque regions in the world, where sloping mountains meet the turquoise Aegean Sea.  It’s grown from the Samsun seed, and the tobacco is delicately sun-cured.  It’s a common condiment tobacco – in other words, a small amount is found in a huge number of sought-after tobacco blends, because of the way in which it contributes to the overall flavor profile.  It’s a very rare oriental tobacco that brings with it a lot of prestige, and people commonly use it sparingly because of how rare it is, either enjoying it on its own, or using it to enhance the flavor and smoothness of their tobacco blends.

What is the Leaf Like?

The Katerini tobacco leaf is small and heart-shaped, with a particularly light color to it that reflects the seed as well as the curing process.  It’s worth mentioning that with Katerini, more so than with other orientals, it’s more common to find larger leaves from time to time.

The light golden hue of the Katerini tobacco leaf is actually quite beautiful.  The leaf has an elastic quality to it, and it’s delicate and porous, despite its robust appearance and feel in the hand.

Nicotine and Sugar Content

Katerini tobacco yields 2% nicotine – that’s on the medium side, and possibly a bit lower than what many people are used to.  Meanwhile, it has a higher sugar content of 10%.

Flavor and Aroma Profiles

Katerini tobacco is all about subtlety, with a mellow complexity that a developed palate will appreciate beyond words.  The aroma is very light, with only a hint of warm spices, and a sun-like quality.  People describe the flavor as mild and sweet, and often mention a curry-like taste that is gorgeously nuanced.  Allspice is a dominant note, and a hint of tanginess adds to its delightful taste, while notes of dried fruits round things out.  Some people also describe notes of green tea.  The sweetness is often compared to honey.

Because of its flavor profile, this tobacco pairs well with Perique, Latakia, and Virginia tobaccos. 

Smoke Quality

Smoking Katerini tobacco is a delightful experience, and as a nice bonus, it packs very easily.  People often comment on the fact that the aroma of the tobacco is particularly impactful while you smoke it, since the subtle complexity of its fragrant leaves is every bit as intoxicating as the taste, and the velvety, mild draw.  Because its nicotine content is on the lower side, it’s a particularly smooth smoke.

Mellow and Light: Katerini Tobacco is Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Katerini tobacco is a rare treat that you’ll often find as part of a tobacco blend, and on its own, its light and mellow flavor and aroma make it a refreshing departure from heavier varieties.  Its spicy, tangy, and fruity taste, that brings honey-like sweetness to the palate, makes it worth enjoying all on its own.  And, as it is so rare, it’s something that we believe is absolutely worth getting your hands on, to appreciate its exotic qualities, and envision vibrant images of the Greek countryside.

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