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Where Do You Buy Phillies Cigars?

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philliesFor the uninitiated among us, Phillies Cigars are an American cigar brand which originated around 1910 in Philadelphia from a company called Bayuk Cigars Inc. They were originally called Philadelphia Hand Made; but, after customers shortened the name to Phillies; the Buyuk brothers adopted Phillies Cigars as their brand name. The cigars still live on but the manufacture is now under Altadis USA Inc (a subsidiary of the Spanish company of the same name; which is currently owned by the British multi-national Imperial Tobacco Group).

Phillies Cigars come in a wide selection of sizes, types and flavors including the, now, semi-infamous Phillie Blunt which used to be sold in convenience stores and gas stations across the Nation.

You Rarely See A Wooden Indian These Days

Anti-tobacco legislation has made profound changes in the smoking portion of society. Taxation has possibly reduced the number of smokers by making the habit more expensive. Advertising bans have, maybe, resulted in fewer people taking up the habit. Bans on smoking; both at your workplace and in many public places; have reduced people’s opportunities to smoke. However, maybe the biggest changes come from the regulations controlling the sale of tobacco products to the public. These vary from place to place but all seem to be aimed at making anyone, who enters a shop, unaware that that shop actually has tobacco products for sale. If you do not see them; you certainly do not impulse buy! Even when you know that a particular shop does have tobacco products for sale; it can be difficult to see if they stock a particular brand – such as anything in the Phillies Cigars range.

Why Not Try On Line?

Online shopping not only offers the convenience of shopping at anytime from any place; but, it saves you on the gas and parking charges for a trip to town just to search out wherever it is that your favorite Phillies Cigars may be offered for purchase. Simply type “Phillies Cigars” into a search engine and – bingo – a whole catalogue for the brand will appear on your screen (including the Blunts). Two important things that you will notice about these online tobacco stores is that their prices tend to be lower than those in regular shops and that most items are always in stock and can be delivered very quickly to your address. Next time you have trouble tracking down a good selection of Phillies Cigars; why not try on line?

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