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Why Do Some Hemp Cigarettes Burn Out Faster Than Others?

Hemp Cigarettes

When it comes to hemp cigarettes, it goes without saying that we want to derive as much CBD, not to mention other cannabinoids and terpenes, from them as possible.  That’s why it’s crucial that when buying them, you check for specific factors that indicate how slowly the cigarette will burn.  Some of us have had the misfortune of smoking hemp cigarettes that burn out so quickly, we do not feel like we actually got our money’s worth in terms of the hemp itself.

What Can Impact the Perfect Burn of a Hemp Cigarette?

Hemp cigarettes are a great way to enjoy the properties of hemp, and naturally, we want to get as much out of each puff as possible.  BnB Tobacco carries hemp cigarettes from reputable brands that go to great lengths to ensure the proper burn.  The hemp cigs on our site are made with natural, quality papers, and have the right grind and packing to ensure the ideal burn rate for maximum satisfaction.

#1: Cheap Wrap Material

The wrap paper used to roll the cigarette has a lot to do with the burn rate.  If the paper burns faster than the hemp inside, then you’ll end up with a lot of lost flower as the paper burns so quickly that it no longer keeps the buds in place.  Avoid synthetic papers that have a tendency to burn very quickly, largely because they are treated with chemicals that cause them to burn faster.  Go for natural materials like wood plump, flax, or hemp, which burn more slowly.

#2: Thin Wrap Material

It’s not only the quality of the wrap material that can affect the burn rate, but the thickness level of it as well.  It makes practical sense that a thinner paper will burn more quickly as there is simply less surface area to burn.  This is another reason why you want to pay attention to the paper

in which the flower is rolled.

#3: Loose Packing

Sometimes, it’s the way in which the flower is packed that explains why a hemp cigarette is burning out so quickly.  If the buds are packed loosely, there is simply less product inside the cigarette to burn, and so it will burn quickly.  If a tight squeeze on the hemp cigarette causes bits of flower to fall out, then the pack is way too loose.  Of course, alternatively, a hemp cigarette that is packed way too tightly can’t burn at all as there is simply not enough air inside to allow for the burn to maintain itself.

#4: Uneven Grind

The grind of the flower within the hemp cigarette should be uniform, or else the burn itself will be uneven just like the grind of the buds.  If the grind is uneven, some parts of the cigarette will burn more quickly than others.  A company that sells hemp cigarettes should always aim for a uniform grind as this indicates an attention to detail.

#5: Presence of Additives

Whether or not there are additives inside the cigarette makes a difference.  First of all, it is important to remember that there should never be additives inside of a hemp cigarette unless the additive is some sort of ingredient that enhances the quality of the experience and is clearly stated by the manufacturer, such as a specific naturally derived flavor that makes the taste of the cigarette particularly pleasant.  Synthetic additives such as preservatives can influence the burn rate of the hemp flower, causing it to burn very quickly.  Of course, this also means that you’re inhaling synthetic compounds into the lungs, which always has the potential to have unwanted effects such as throat irritation.

#6: How You Pull

One factor that has nothing to do with how the product was made is how hard you pull.  You might find that you burn through your hemp cigarette more quickly than your friend who has the same product.  This is often because you’re taking deeper pulls each time you hit the cigarette.  The deeper the pull, the more flower burns out with each puff, but at least you’re still taking in the same amount of hemp as you would if you smoked it slowly.

#7: The Presence of a Filter

If the hemp cigarette has a filter, which most products do, then the product will burn more slowly.  A filter is designed to filter the smoke to make it less harsh, while having the added bonus of preventing flower bits from ending up in your mouth.  But, another thing that a filter does is slow down the rate of bud that burns when you take a pull.  Therefore, filterless hemp cigarettes will likely burn more quickly than ones that have a filter.

#8: Dryness of the Hemp Cigarette

The buds that go into a hemp cigarette are cured in a way that dries them out without completely dehydrating them.  But, if the way in which you store your hemp cigarette causes those buds to dry out more, then you may end up with a cigarette that burns quickly.  Moisture slows down the burning process, which is a law of nature that we are all familiar with.  That being said, if your buds are completely dry, they will burn very quickly and inhibit your ability to really savor the smoking process.


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