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Why is a Cigar Sampler Perfect for "Beginners"?

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At BnB Tobacco, many of our customers are seasoned cigar lovers who know exactly what they want and come to us because we offer fantastic prices along with some of the most prestigious names in the industry.  But we also get a lot of beginners who, understandably, find the whole business of choosing a cigar quite intimidating.

And, that’s why we have cigar samplers.  These allow those who are new to cigars to try out a wide selection at a great price, in order to discover what suits their tastes more than others.  Anyone who is new to the world of cigars should consider grabbing a sampler to learn more about different types of tobacco and wrappers and understand how different cigars can satisfy in different ways.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that experienced tobacco connoisseurs wouldn’t also benefit from grabbing a sampler from time to time, as it never hurts to try out a new variety of offerings.

Cigar Samplers at BnB Tobacco

The cigar samplers at BnB Tobacco come in all different varieties, making it easy to find one that is most in line with your tastes and preferences.  You’ll find boxes of different samples from top brands, with all kinds of different price points, bodies, fillers and more.  We have pages upon pages of products to choose from, and we describe each one in detail so that even the most timid cigar lover can get all of the information that they need right off of the bat.

So, why are cigar samplers ideal for beginners, specifically?  Let’s find out.

Beginners are Still Discovering Their Palate

Those who are new to cigar smoking are still understanding their palate.  They don’t know yet which body they like, which flavor notes they prefer, which wrappers satisfy them more and which cigars are better suited for daytime as opposed to evening.

Enjoying a sampler is a great way to accelerate the process of developing your palate, by giving you a rich array of flavor profiles that you can taste and compare.  Therefore, you can walk way understanding cigars like never before.

Offers Great Value

Of course, no one minds taking advantage of a deal, which is exactly what will happen when you grab a cigar sampler.  You get a lot of value out of each sampler, as the price is discounted per cigar due to buying in bulk.  Newbies will appreciate this especially, as buying a new cigar is higher risk since they may not yet know what it is that they want to splurge on rather than avoid altogether due to their unique tastes.

Allows Newbies to Discover Stogies They Wouldn’t Have Tried Otherwise

One thing we notice about a lot of beginners is that once they find a cigar they like, they stick to it rather than branching out, until someone introduces them to a new one.  Well, the problem is that by going this route, you miss out on the rich array of wonderful options that are available.  That’s why we suggest that you choose a sampler, which will introduce your palate to cigars you probably wouldn’t have sought out on their own.  There’s always a good chance that in that sampler, you’ll find a new favorite that you would not have known existed otherwise.

A Delightful Experience

Sometimes, we enthusiasts take cigars too seriously, creating a pretentious environment that makes beginners feel left out.  Getting a box of brand new cigars is the antithesis of this, acting like a present that you get to discover with curiosity once you see what’s inside.

Can Make for a Great Gift

A sampler is actually a great gift for your loved one who is just starting to explore cigars.  Just try not to steal any for yourself!

Another Way to Expand Your Cigar Preferences and Knowledge

At BnB Tobacco, we want those who are new to cigars to feel comfortable choosing the best products for their palates.  That’s why we offer our cigar samplers, which provide users with a variety of exciting options that come from only the top-rated brands in the world.  Choose your sampler today and discover cigars that you never knew existed.

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