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Why smoke cigars?

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Outsiders to the cigar world may be wondering … what’s the big deal with cigars? What’s so great about cigars that you can’t get from smoking a cigarette or a pipe? Here are some reasons to consider trying something new!

  • Cigars typically offer more flavor and aroma than conventional cigarettes or pipe tobacco. Since cigars are made of three main components, the filler, binder and wrapper, cigar manufacturers have the ability to embed more complex, subtle notes into their blends. You can compare the experience of a great cigar to elegant cologne or a fine glass of wine.
  • Cigars represent exquisite craftsmanship. Premium cigars are hand-rolled, in spite of the advent of modern machinery. With cigars you have a chance to escape from the world of mass-produced industry and enjoy a personal touch.
  • Cigars are steeped in history and tradition. The history of cigars dates back to pre-Columbian America when natives throughout the Caribbean smoked tobacco in a similar form. After Columbus brought the concept of cigars back to Spain, they quickly caught on throughout Europe. Important historical figures have enjoyed and added to the mystique of cigars including Winston Churchill, President Ulysses S. Grant and King Edward VII. Cigars have become a mark of suave masculinity.
  • Style. Nothing has more debonair style than cigar-smoking! Cigars are a great way to pass time by yourself but even better enjoyed in the company of friends. Cigarettes are for smoking in the doorway on your 15 minute work break, but cigars are for unwinding through the course of an evening and escaping the fast pace of modern life. They are an excellent accompaniment to drinks in the parlor where you can be seen in style and society, hearkening back to earlier times when life was a little slower and people took more time to enjoy the small things.

The history of tobacco is largely the history of cigars – because cigars offer the most immersive, refined smoking on earth. New smokers will be astounded to discover that cigars offer a greater breadth and depth of experience than their cigarettes or pipes ever did!

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