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A Brief History of White Owl Cigars

White Owl Cigars Package

White Owl Cigars is an iconic brand of machine made cigars in the United States from 1912-1962. This company is world-renowned for being one of the first big companies to offer a cigar of higher quality than those that were typically available on the market during this era at the time, which included mild tobacco and wrappers that were not dried well enough, which would create tobacco sponges when smoked. White Owls, on the other hand, were made of all tobacco leaves that had been aged to perfection and then wrapped in a silky wrapper.

“Who” Exactly are White Owl Cigars?

White Owl Cigars were founded in the United States in 1912 and were named after the famous opera singer of the time, Lillian White. The company’s goal was to create a brand that many would remember, among all others, as being of superior quality and taste. They also wanted to ensure that every cigar they created had a quality wrapper so that customers would enjoy a better smoke and not have dried-out tobacco leaves in their mouths when smoking these cigars.

Types of Cigars They Produce

White Owl Cigars made a variety of different cigars during their period. Some of their most popular cigars were the White Owl, the White Owl Special, and the White Owl Senor. The first two cigars were made of a medium-bodied blend with all Nicaraguan tobacco leaves. The White Owl Senor was a blend made with long-aged Dominican tobaccos that have been aged for an extended period to produce a full-bodied cigar without being overly spicy or overpowering to the palate.

They also made cigars with Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco and different flavors from the White Owl Senor cigar. They made both a Corona and a Lonsdale version called the Special. Both of these cigars were also bundled in packages and could be purchased, making customers happy as this type of option was not always available to them at the time.

Reasons Why Customers Enjoy Their Cigars

Reason #1: Quality

White Owl Cigar Company prided itself that every cigar it made was of the highest quality. Most companies then made cigars with damp tobacco leaves, which were dried out to the point where they were spongy when smoked. Also, these tobaccos would be complex and cause a bitter taste in one’s mouth while being smoked. On the other hand, White Owl Cigars were made with all leaves that had been aged for many months before being wrapped in a silky wrapper and then placed into their boxes. It made White Owls an excellent smoke for the quality and taste experienced when smoking a White Owl cigar.

Reason #2: Brand Recognition

The first White Owl Cigar Company was founded in 1912 by Lillian White until she passed away in 1928. She named the company after herself, but it was not long before her sons took over the company. By 1932, White Owl Cigars obtained manufacturing licenses and then expanded to Milwaukee and New Orleans by 1939. By 1952, they won awards from the National Tobacconist Association for having one of the highest counts of cigar sales in America and were ranked number 20 in total sales.

Reason #3: Variety

White Owl Cigars were one of the first companies to offer the customer a variety of smoking cigars. When a person purchases a cigar from White Owl, they would have many different blends, shapes, and sizes, including some bundled in packages. With this in mind, customers could purchase a specific type of cigar by choosing from one of the different packages of cigars with similar characteristics or buy a whole bundle and try out each one for themselves.

Reason #4: Quality Wrapping

One of the significant differences between White Owl Cigars and the competitors of that time was how the wrapper was dried. While other brands used tobacco leaves that remained damp for a long time, some of which were difficult to dry out, White Owl Cigars dried theirs for up to three years, which produced a very light brown color that allowed for good air circulation around their cigars. It kept the tobacco fresh and did not cause them to become spongy when smoked.

Reason #5: Tradition

One of the more notable things about White Owl Cigars was that they were one of the earlier cigar companies to offer a variety of different cigars at one time when purchasing a box from their company. When purchasing a box, customers could choose from a selection of cigars such as the White Owl Special, the Havana Corona and Lonsdale, and many others. It gave customers further options to smoke different types of cigars each time they returned for more than just mild blends sold at other companies during this time.

Final Thoughts

White Owl Cigars were one of the first cigar companies to offer cigars that did not have dried-out leaves or tobacco sponges in their cigars. They also offered customers a variety of different types of blends and sizes to purchase when buying a box. With this in mind, White Owl Cigars have stood the test of time as one of the premier cigar companies throughout history.

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