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How to Rehydrate Hemp Flower

Hemp flower

Hemp flower, also known as CBD flower, refers to the raw buds of the hemp plant which have been meticulously cured to ensure the best-quality experience and the ideal moisture level for smoking or vaporizing.  Rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients, CBD flower is preferred by many who wish to have hemp in its raw and purest form, with as little processing as possible. 

Today’s hemp market offers a rich selection of CBD flower products in various strains, and can be purchased in the form of loose, whole buds, or pre-rolls which are conveniently rolled in paper for the user.  Choosing from the massive variety of products out there today is hard enough, but once you get that CBD flower in your possession, storing it is equally important.  Once CBD flower becomes dry, it’s almost impossible to enjoy.  Fortunately, if this does happen, you can rehydrate it to get it back to its original state.

The Important Relationship Between CBD Flower and Moisture

CBD flower should have a 6 to 9% moisture level to burn properly.  If it’s too moist, it can attract mold that makes it dangerous to consume.  But, if it’s too dry, it won’t burn in the ideal manner, and can thoroughly disappoint the user.  Hemp cultivators go to great lengths to achieve this moisture level by drying and curing it just the right amount.

What Happens When CBD Flower Becomes Too Dry?

Once hemp flower dehydrates due to improper storage, it takes on a lot of undesirable qualities that can interfere with your ability to derive any enjoyment from it.

  • Its Potency is Affected: While dryness does not cause a loss of potency, failing to store flower properly in a way that causes it to dehydrate also increases the chances that its desirable compounds have degraded and become inactive.
  • The Flavor is Weak: Dehydrated CBD flower prevents the terpenes from shining, meaning that the flavor will be disappointingly weak and/or stale.
  • Burns Too Fast: Without moisture in it, hemp flower will burn too quickly, like putting lighter to a pile of newspaper. This means that it may burn before you get a chance to actually take the number of puffs you desire.
  • Becomes Harsh: The moisture in hemp flower helps keep each inhale smooth, as the water inside makes the smoke or vapor gentler. If the flower is dehydrated, it can feel harsh on the inhale, irritating your throat and causing you to cough.

Storing Your Flower to Maintain its Moisture Level

CBD flower should always be stored in an airtight container, as this prevents dry air from entering and stealing the moisture out of the buds.  We recommend storing your flower in an opaque container to block light, and even keep the flower in a cool and dark place away from humidity.  The airtight seal will prevent moisture from escaping.

Rehydrating Your CBD Flower

If you have recently found flower in your home that is dehydrated, that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to throw it out.  As long as the flower is less than a couple of months old, there’s a good chance that its potency is intact.  Therefore, all that you need to do is rehydrate it.

Luckily, there are a number of methods for rehydrating flower.  These are the ones that are most proven to be effective, according to flower enthusiasts from around the world.

Method #1: Mix It with Fresh Flower

While this method is less reliable than the others that we will be discussing, it may be the easiest.  If you’ve just purchased some fresh flower, place it into the same container that’s holding the dehydrated flower.  The moisture in the fresh flower may be enough to transfer into the dehydrated flower, helping it regain some of its lost moisture.  It may take a couple of days to rehydrate, and you’ll have to make sure to not mix up your strains.

Method #2: Add Lettuce

Lettuce has a very high water content, which is why simply placing it in the container along with your dehydrated buds can very well increase the flower’s moisture level.  As the lettuce sits in the container, some of its moisture evaporates and has nowhere to go as the jar is airtight.  So, a lot of it gets distributed into the flower.

Method #3: Use a Damp Paper or Cotton Product

A damp paper towel or cotton ball can do wonders when it comes to rehydrating your flower.  Again, its high moisture level will inevitably make its way into the flower as it can’t escape out of the airtight container.  Make sure to keep it away from your flower so that they’re not touching.  Otherwise, this can create an environment that allows mold to develop on the buds.

Method #4: Use a Citrus Peel

The most successful method according to users is adding a citrus peel to the container.  Simply remove the peel from an orange, lemon or lime that you have lying around, and place it into the jar that’s holding your dehydrated flower.  The added bonus is that your bud will pick up some of the citrusy notes that highly complement the terpenes in the flower.

Dry CBD Flower is Inferior CBD Flower: Keep It Moist

Ultimately, you won’t have to use any of the above methods if you store your hemp flower properly to begin with.  Take notice though that CBD flower lasts for about 6 months even when stored properly, so make sure to never buy more than you will use within this period of time, otherwise dehydration and a loss of potency are almost inevitable.

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