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Blunt Wrap Fruity Double Platinum Variety Pack

Blunt Wrap Fruity Double Platinum Variety Pack

Looking to stock up on blunt wraps while saving a nice amount of cash? When you grab the Blunt Wrap Fruity Double Platinum Variety Pack, you’ll get twenty exceptionally flavored, high-quality blunt wraps for your wrapping needs while enjoying a discounted price. If you’re all about fresh, fruity flavors, you really can’t go wrong. And, the variety is massive, meaning that you’ll get to enjoy a wide array of outstanding tastes while you puff away.

 The Blunt Wrap Fruity Double Platinum Variety Pack gives you ten packs of two blunt wraps, and each pack provides you with a different mouthwatering fruity flavor. They’re machine-made, meaning that each blunt wrap will be absolutely perfect for your rolling needs thanks to the consistency that this manufacturing technique ensures. Each one is packaged in foil for maximum freshness so that you can start wrapping as soon as you take it out.


 The Blunt Wrap Fruity Double Platinum Variety Pack lets you explore a whole new spectrum of tasty flavors while you smoke. Each flavor is unique, bold and fresh-tasting so that you get to enjoy a glorious taste experience while you savor your favorite hobby.

 Apple Martini: Fruity, crisp apples tease your taste buds while hitting the spot with their sweetness. A little kick from the martini flavor takes your experience to a whole new level.

 Grape-a-licious: Juicy, plump purple grapes explode on the taste buds whenever you take in some smoke. This flavor is so bold and robust that you’ll swear you’re eating a mouthful of the real thing.

 Poco Loco: An intoxicatingly bold fruity blend that’s guaranteed to get every taste bud salivating like never before.

 Tropical Twista: If you can’t make it to the islands this year, puff on this and satisfy those cravings. A plethora of exotic fruits join forces to sweep you off of your feet.

 Up & Up: A fruity mix that delivers a broad spectrum of refreshing and titillating flavor notes.

 Wet Cherry: Deep, dark cherry flavor starts off by providing your tongue with mouthwatering tartness before becoming seductively sweet.

 Mello Mango: The juiciest, ripest mangoes on the planet satisfy you with sweetness and tang while refreshing you like crazy.

 Kush: Sometimes, nothing satisfies as much as that natural taste that delivers notes of fresh citrus and invigorating pine.

 Berries: A symphony of fresh berry flavors sing together with their notes of tartness, tang and exquisite sweetness.

 Blueberry Burst: Incredibly juicy blueberries make you feel like you’re walking through a berry orchard.

 Watermelon: That crisp, smooth watermelon taste mellows your mood whenever you take a pull.

 Peach Passion: The fresh, ripe taste of Georgia peaches hits the spot with its sweetness and glorious tang.

 Strawberry Kiwi: Two of our favorite summertime flavors join forces to satisfy in every way.

 White Grape: Sweet white grapes quench the thirst and enchant the sweet tooth.

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 The Blunt Wrap Fruity Double Platinum Variety Pack is a must-have for anyone who loves fresh fruity flavors and wants to roll their cigars in style.


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